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Hi Experts,Am a newbie to switching.I have a basic question.we currently have a stack of 3 2960-S switches.we also found an old 2960 (just 2960, not 2960-S or 2960-X) in our inventory.Is it possible to add the 2960 to our 2960-S stack?If possible, an...

Hi there,I am trying to get CNA working on a 2960S-24PS-LI am running CNA versionb 5.8(9) and we use tacacs for authentication.Haven't managed to get it working. I can telnet to it using my TACACS credentials fine but CNA doesnt work.Didnt see an opt...

muca by Level 3
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Resolved! Cisco VSS

Hello All,I am configuring VSS between two 4500x switches, and am having difficulty. I followed the below insturctions from cisco's site, however I both times I've tried this, the standby switch continues to reboot right when it finishes booting. The...

I am trying to connect to a new switch using the USB Console Cable. I have downloaded and installed the 3.1 drivers from the website.I have also looked at other posts here on how to manually install the driver but that is not my problem. I get an err...

Sorry I am pretty new to Cisco networking, I've managed to pick up quite a bit, but I am a little puzzled by this scenario.My setup includes a "Core" switch (3750-E) which is acting like a router for each of my (6) floor switches. The ports that link...

We are close to implementing UCS into our existing data center. We have a pair of 4506-Es and were planning to run VSS. Well, i found out today that several of our line cards are unsupported and VSS will not work. The two 4500s are running HSRP. I'm ...

Hi,At my organization, I work on my companies engineering team and have been tasked with completing a few questions from an RFI regarding the 3850.  Does anyone have any resources for this outside of the standard Q&A and Data Sheets?  I am not as flu...

For some reasons, my timestamps are wrong in my log. NTP is working and a "sh clock" looks correct. Any ideas on what could be causing this? My code is 12.4(24)T3.Log snippet from 10:36am today000086: Dec  9 16:30:00.736: %CRYPTO-4-PKT_REPLAY_ERR: de...

jacob6000 by Level 1
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Dear Sir/Ma,Please kindly help me identify the cards from the attached file.I want to know the ones that are card.brsamson

rahman001 by Level 1
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HelloI working on a scenario,which is as follows:There will be 3 l3 swithes; PE1 PE2 and CE.PE1and PE2 are from service provider.All switches are connected via /29subnetSay subnet will be having svi 200  with ip add ...

Hi everyone,I have a single SUP7-E (no redundant supervisor). Of the four uplinks, which are the options availale? Can I use the four uplinks as 10G interfaces? Could I use two uplinks as 10G and the other two as Gigabit?Thanks