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Resolved! Two data vlans on one interfase

Hello,I have a question: How can i add two data vlans on cisco 2960 on one interfase?i have 3 mac adresses on one interfase: one PC, one ipphone and one XP virtual machine(VM).PC and VM are in one data vlan and phone is in voice vlan. i need to place...

Migrating from ISA Server to ASA5510

Hello,On our ISA server we have some publishing rules with the option "Requests appear to come from the ISA Server computer". This allows us to forward incoming external traffic to a network that is not directly connected to the ISA Server internal i...

verbrugge by Beginner
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Cisco 871 not routing

Hi Guys,I have configured a router to route from a Class C network to a Class A network, although I just cant get a ping from one to the other. I can see the routing table and I only want to use directly connected routes and I have not enabled any pr...

Paul Smith by Beginner
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Port monitor for etherchannel

on 7600 SUP720 3BI have port channel and there are two ports on that port channelGroup  Port-channel  Protocol    Ports ------+-------------+-----------+----------------------------------------------- 1      Po1(SD)          -        Gi0/1(D)   Gi0/2...

Monitoring question..

on 7600 on sup 720 3bI have 2 span sessions configured:monitor session 1 source interface Gi1/43monitor session 1 destination interface Gi1/21 monitor session 2 source interface Gi1/44monitor session 2 destination interface Gi1/22is it possible to ad...

Configuration suggestion for DHCP Snooping

Hi,I need to apply DHCP snooping on 4500 series switches working as L2 in my Network. We have external DHCL Server in another location connected with 6500 series switch.                                                      Running EIGRP              ...

kumarvin by Beginner
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DCHP discover packet rate-limiting

Hi All, I wonder if anyone could please help with this question:  We have a number of 6509s which generally have dhcp relay agents configured on the SVIs.  The dhcp servers are centralised.  Recently we've had one or two faults with misconfigured or ...

4507R+E with sup7-E support for VRF-LITE

Hello Experts, I would like to know if the mentioned switch with the supervisor engine supports vrf lite or not. If yes then on which IOSCurrently we are having universalk9.SPA.03.03.01.SG.151-1.SG1 bin but the moment I type  -- ip vrf NAME it says f...

Resolved! question about redistribution

hi , assume i have a router with two domains as below :---------OSPF domain -----------------------<ROUTER> domainassume under eigrp 1network auto summary================un...

etherchannel balncing

etherchannel on oneside configured asswitch#show etherchannel load-balance EtherChannel Load-Balancing Configuration:        src-dst-ip        mpls label-ipon other side S1#show etherchannel load-balanceEtherChannel Load-Balancing Configuration:     ...

dot1x Authentication on 3750

I configured dot1x port-authentication on a 3750. The switch sends out a request to the radius server. The radius server sends a answer-packet to the switch udp port 21645 but it seems the switch discards the packet or something like that. The radius...

NTP Configuration syn issue

Hi All,I have configured NTP server in my switch but its not synching with the serverswitch (config)# ntp server x.x.x.xPlease suggest is anything i am missing to config..Rgds