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Resolved! ACLs for DHCP

We are configuring ACLs for a dhcp pool on Sw3750ip access-list extended Testpermit ip any ip any host, here is dhcp pool:ip dhcp excluded dhcp pool Namenetwork 255.255.25...

t. prophet by Beginner
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Hi all,Hope everyone is doing well. I am currently setting up a home lab environment and have run into a bit of an issue and I am trying to wrap my head around it. Basically the setup is and I can ping from the wireless laptop to the interface 0/1 o...

larryb8207 by Beginner
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Resolved! RSTP Not So Rapid

When I plug in a workstation to 3750 switch - it seems to take about 35 seconds before that workstation (hard coded IP) can ping the switch. You can see the console messages below. I configured RSTP and set this switch to root: spanning-tree mode r...

mmedwid by Participant
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Hello,I have a remote 3G Cisco router (Cisco 819) that occastionally drops it's EzyVPN and the local guys just reboot the device so when I log on and check the logs it is empty.  My syslog server shows very little, can I keep the logs locally or up t...

Andy White by Participant
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Hello,I have a few questions regarding RSPAN and Span.  First of what is the difference between RSPAn and Span. Also how does RSPAN actually work can I please get an example.  Can RSPAN analyze different source ports from different switches at the sa...

We have the following configuration:router --> switchA --> switchBCisco 3845 router=============int gi0/0 --> connected to our WANint gi0/1 --> connected to our local networkint gi0/1.8 --> local network sub-interface  encap dot1q 8  ip address 10.10...

dtom by Beginner
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          All - I thought I saw a post/question in regards to "how to" configure a Broadband backup for a MPLS circuit..  What I am trying to do is use a cable/dsl/broadband (secondary) connection as a backup to a MPLS circuit (primary).  I have EIGR...

Jeff Wolf by Beginner
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I am looking for a way to see packets that are matched on certain ACLs in a CoPP policy map.  I have read that it is not a good thing to add the log keyword at the end of an ACL when using that ACL for CoPP.  I initially tried to use a logging policy...

Hey All,I have an iPad 4 (6.1.3) that won't connect to our Cisco 1142 APs.  Full Cisco network; 3560 POE switches on edge and Cisco 6509 at the core.At first we looked at it as a wireless issue.  No settings changes on the APs would allow the iPad co...

zhuffines by Beginner
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I have a MPLS connection , between 8 sites , now i have to set up routing . Internally i am doing static where as provider wants me to advertize the routes via BGP. What would be the easiest way?

I have Layer_3 " 3750-x " , so I con't do any routing on the switch , so please if I need to Upgrade the IOS give me the preffered image that support hte routing , and Is it free or should I pay?