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Nexus 7000 QoS F1 module

        I want to prioritize egress voice traffic across a trunk terminated on an F1 module,  N7K-F132XP-15. I am unsure about the setup; according to the "show interface capabilities" F1 interfaces support 8 egress queues, while the Nexus QoS docume...

Resolved! Internet Access problems

I have 2 site running off the same internet connection.  One is the local network(Host) which it can access the internet with no problems.  The second is coming from a T1 connection from the second office (Remote).  This connection can make it to the...

Question about Switch SF300 24 POE

Hello, I have a 24-Port Switch POE SF300, I provide power for POE POE Access  Point by TP-Link TL-WA5110G that  is connected to port  2 of the switch  via an Ethernet cable  with T568A  at both ends. Within the configuration feeding POE Switch is ena...

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Cisco 2811 NAT configuration Issue!!!

Hello,My company have a EDI service from a provider with a fiber optic that was installed in our building some weeks ago. They're using the ISP switch from us to their router and I have the router behind the switch to my Private Network:(My LAN)<----...

Question about Etherchannel on a 4ESW HWIC

Maybe this was listed in the release notes for the product and I missed it, but can this item support Etherchannel in a 2801 router?  I installed the module into the router and the router recognizes the module.  I can configure the ports as access or...

kossuth78 by Beginner
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configure mass of devices

Hi, A small open source app (excel file) that i wrote to configure mass of devices (tested with cisco switches and routers)you can download it from:http://sharontools.com/Products/MassConfig.phpRegards,Sharon

sharonsa by Beginner
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no console on 4507R-E but error

I am trying to do a freash installation of 4507R-E and when I try to access via console I dont see any rommon promt .I get the following errorUNHANDLED ROMMON EXCEPTION at PC=0031774cVector=00000100 MSR=02021230 LR=0034b6e0MCSR=00000000CISR0=00000000...

ammahend by VIP Engager
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very strange log on a switch

Anyone knows what that means, we are getting a lot of falformed and checksum errors and this is what the switch logs say:Sep 15 23:46:36.096: TPLUS(000011A6)/0/READ: Would block while reading*Sep 15 23:46:36.222: TPLUS(000011A6)/0/READ: socket event ...

Resolved! firewall supported on ios routers

Hi everybody.My book says there are two types of firewall supported on cisci ios routers:Classic cisco ios firewallZone-based policy firewall.Could any one give me an example of zone-based policy firewall with configurations ?                What kin...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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