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Multiple wireless VLAN issue

Hello,I'm pretty new to Cisco products and I'm trying to configure a public guest wifi. I looked at numerous tutorials but mine just does not seem to work. I have my wired and Vlan1 wireless just fine. Just can get Vlan2 to work. If anybody could hel...

jessica_s by Beginner
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QoS 3750 switch port trust

Hi,We have QoS configured throughout the company, but the standard config we have applied across the 3750 switches only includes the below:int f1/0/1 sw acc vlan 501 sw acc voice vla 601 priority-queue out   <<<<<<< ...We have IP phones (not cisco) a...

rate limit with no burst

Hi, I am running IOS  c7200-p-mz.123-20.bin and want to hard set bandwidth on an interface to 10 MB. Is it possible to do to this using the rate-limit command? If so, how?  If not how can I achieve this?rate-limit input 10000000 X X conform-action tr...

lkadlik by Beginner
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3560 IP Base vs 3750 Stackable

I have read many sheets on the 3560, we currently use them. We do have a situation where we need Fault-Tolerance built into our environment. I have looked into the cluster feature of the 3560 but it would seem that is for management only. I see the 3...

Resolved! Cisco 6509 Sup2 to Sup32 upgrade

Hi,I need to upgrade 2xsup2 module to 2xsup32 on my cisco 6509. I just found out that I can not have the CISCO WS-X6500-SFM(Cisco Switch Fabric Module switch) with Sup32 and I have to remove 2 xCISCO WS-X6500-SFM2 modules from the switch.I am using t...

CGR 1120 and HSRP

Hi all,I've been searching for information regarding the CGR 1120 Router and haven't been able to determine if the router supports HSRP.Is it possible to find out if this router supports the Hot Standby Routing Protocol?Thanks

switch and Router

HelloHow to secure router and switch on remote location so that password / config is not taken using pa$$word Recovery option.Switch 2960 and router 2900 seriesthanksST

OSPF stub area not filtering LSA type 5.

hello everyone.please help me understand if i am making  a mistake. please refer to the follwoing configs.  I am trying to filter out LSA type 5 from entering into area 2. Although area 2 is a stub area, i still see an E 2 route in its table. So R8 i...

Nexus 7K and FEX

With the Nexus 7K supporting FEX and the 2K.  How are the 2K ports allocated to VDCs?  My assumption is that the limitation is still the hardware on the 7K and that the FEX port(s) would need to be assigned to a particular VDC, which would assign the...

Resolved! Etherchannel ====> Not answered yet, I accidently clicked on "correct answer"

Only Experts,This is sample diagram only for asking question:These are in an Ether channel and each ports have 100 Mbps Speed.1. How much speed or bandwidth i will get through this i.e 300 Mbps  OR  600 Mbps ?(I am confused with this concept bcoz i r...

Nexus 5000 Jumbo Packets

Hi all,on some of our ports on Nexu 5000 and on the connected FEX we can see a lot of Jumbo Packets though there is not enableed any JumboFrame on the Switch, all Interface and system MTU is set to 1500.Any idea what the reason could be ?DBE-LINZ-XX4...

Resolved! Protect Gateway IP address

We have a user vlan without DHCP enabled. Every time when customer accidentally put the gateway IP address to his computer as his address, the network went down.I wonder is there anyway we can protect this gateway from being used by users? Something ...

hwucnmcorg by Beginner
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1841 at 99% CPU what can I do?

Hello,I've never had a router's CPU suddenly hit 99% and just stay like it for hours even after a reboot.  This router really does nothing with regards to CPU, I'm looking at it's CPU history (via SolarWinds Orion NPM software that we use) and it is ...

Andy White by Participant
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Half vs FULL Duplex

I have a connection problem. I can't access my remote router, it says that it is 'half-duplex.' In assuming it needs to be 'full duplex,' how can I change this?Thank you in advance,AR

Cisco OQD Detection mechanism

HiI want to know how does cisco detect OQD detection on one interface ? Does Cisco use particular protocol for overflow detection on output queues?for example sening some special packet on wire to another peer.Thanks in advance

N.ima0102 by Beginner
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