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Hi Guys, Can someone show me blank configuration for  WS-C4500X-16SFP+ (Catalyst 4500-X 16 TenGig Fixed ports switch). I would like to know how the port numbering is done (i.e. TenGig1/0/X or TenGig1/X or just Eth1/0/X ? ) Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Hi firends,I have a situation where are three units stack of 3750 which i need to upgrade.The flash memory on all the switches are the same which is 57.4 MB.The tar file which I was trying to use was 21 MB.Now the trouble is that the client wanted to...

Hi everybody.I have read ipv6 's header is simpler than ipv4's.  I see in ipv4 a router has to subtract one from ttl, recalculate header checksum and send the packet to next hop router.  In ipv6 we do not do that.   Is that the only reason for ipv6 '...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Morning Everyone,I am trying to convince our Technical Lead that dual VSL links between our 6509-E chassis is a VERY good idea but he is fully convinced that the setup will work perfectly fine with only one VSL link.   As I do agree that we can do th...

I have a 6500 connected to 3750 using fiber connection using patch panel.on the gig port of the 6500 give of error in Input errors, CRC and FRAMEThere is no error from the 3750 gigport.QoS is fine and no drop. it feel like gbit or fiber?

james_son by Level 1
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I'm a bit perplexed atm with trying to set up multiple failover routes on a 2821 router.  Let me say that I have more experieince in a switched network as routing is seldom required where I work atm.  Here's my problem. I have a routing table set up ...

This will hopefully be a simple question for someone, but I can't find the info anywhere I have looked.  We need to move some line cards around on our 4510.  The top slots have a 24Gbps backplane while the lower slots are limited to 6Gbps.  Poor plan...

Hi all, we have an issue with our wireless where it appears that the anchors are dropping which doesn't allow any mobility throughout our office.  We have checked the switch and the etherchannels do have some errors on them, however the log file of t...

jmalge by Level 1
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hi,we have a nexus 2k connected to nexus7k. but after the upgrade on 7k, the nexus 2k wont connect to 7k. comes up with an error LC upgrade in progress and on the port                    eNexus7k1#            sh int eth1/1Ethernet1/1 is down (Error d...

Hi,I am looking at upgrading our network backbone from 1Gb to 10Gb. We have 62.5/125µm multimode fibre already in place, so will be using that. The shortest length between switches is approximately 25 meters, so we will go with LRM optics. I realise ...

merlin_le by Level 1
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