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Unable to boot 2511 Home Lab Access Server

I really could use some help.  I have setup a home lab for my CCNA\Security studies and have purchased a 2511 to serve as an access server.  The 2511 was advertised as fully operational but when I powered it up this is the first error message I get.....

madbeader by Beginner
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Resolved! Routing between two 2621xm's

Hello all,I think I need an extra set of eyes for my setup as I seem to be having issues with the simplest of settings.I have two 2621xm's both running IOS 12.4.  Here are the basic settings:R1FastEthernet0/0 IP address: MASK 255.255.255....

DNS on ASA5505

I'm new to Cisco and can get around well enough but not an expert at all.  Hopefully someone here can help me.  Cisco support configured my device and now I'm trying to support it.  I have taken ICND1 and am prepairing to take CCENT on my way to CCNA...

nolaron84 by Beginner
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Switch Capability question / buying help

I'm currently doing an accademic study regarding jitter and latency on 100mbps ethernet.I want to perform some experiments where i can play with the queueing system on the switch in as finite detail as possible.I will be running up to 4 PC's at up to...

Bunch of cisco problems.

Problem 1) My 2800 Router stopped booting, all I see is a blank screen and no configuration boot. I tried turning off the router, taking out the flash butting it back in securing it, but it just doesn't want to boot, what is my problem ??????2) Tryin...

smavashev by Beginner
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Installing SDM 2.5 on cisco 2600

Guys i am new to the cisco world.I am trying to configure SDM 2.5 on a cisco 2600.I have access via telnet to the router and was able to change the enable password - which i think is level 15 (right?) and setup (and bring up) the ip on the ethernet i...

ran by Beginner
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6509 VSS failover behaviour

Hi All,Anyone have experience on triggered failover on VSS deployment with 1 VS-720-10G-3C in each chassis?I tried using "redundancy force-switchover" but after that the 20G VSL is flapping up & down and cannot be up normally,we got 1 FWSM in each ch...

Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750G-48TS-E

Hello I would like to know if Catalyst WS-C3750G-48TS-E recognizes and understand Cisco VSS ( Virtual Switching System) . Is there a List available which tells us which Old Catalyst Switches or current switches understand Cisco VSS? thanks thanks

rahulja by Beginner
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Resolved! 2 Routers + 2 Sites + 2 ISP + Internet Failover without any Routing protocols

Hi Experts,I want to configure simple Redundancy/Failover between these two sites only for internet access and each site have 1 mbps internet link of different ISP.The distance between site A to site B is approximately 1 kms. Currently Both sites run...