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Hallo,i am an automation engineer, and in my recent project i need to monitor cisco 3750-X port status (uplink/downlink)i.e. whenever there is some problem at a specific port.I need to monitor it through an OPC server and right now what i am doing is...

umahju by Level 1
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Currently Being Moderatedpassword recovery helpsome bady can help me with password recovery switch 2960that what i am doing and i get faill sll the time what i am doing worng? switch: flash_initInitializing Flash...flashfs[0]: 0 files, 1 directoriesf...

Hi all,  I just spent 3 hours with TAC getting no where, but my problem seems simple.Topology is below.Each host has a primary VLAN (V1 and V2) with a default GW towards the Nexus, and a common VLAN (V3) between them---- V1 |----| V2 ---- | A |----| ...

Thanks for help in advance. I have a fiber 10mb connection delivered as Ethernet. I have a 2811, (1) HWIC -1FE and (1) HWIC -4ESW. I would like to know which module I should use and configuration example. Also, my ISP gave me serials and my LAN block...

rgruber by Level 1
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I am attempting to configure a Cisco 3825 router using IOS Version 12.4 to  perform NAT/PAT translation between LAN and the internet connection.The host on the LAN can ping the outside interface of EDGE-ROUTER connecting to the internet but can not p...

Hello,I received an replacement supervisor from Cisco to swap out the failed standby supervisor.  I wanted to check if I can pull out the failed supervisor supervisor and insert the replacement supervisor while the switch is still on.  In other words...

Hiconnected DSL directly to 2900 series router , but as DSL public IP is not static (dynamic)  its difficult to access Router when out of home,  any other means to access router without static IP thanks CP

In our network environment, we have a 2960 switch sitting behind our router. Off of this we have a lot of external connections, like our external DNS, firewall, and VPN concentrators. I've configured a VLAN other than the default, moved everything in...