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Hi,The set up is attached in a rough topology as here.There are servers behind the cisco 2960 . There is a hub which connects all other components in the network.i.e the hub has connections from the 2960 , a 2611 router, a netscreen ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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                   Dear sir,  I have vm with 2 nic card  and 2 blade switch 3120g in the same hp c7000 blade enclosure. Do you have any idea for setup etherchannel as highlight in attachment  ? Thanks and appreciation.

chialun by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS and VoIP

Hello, all!I try to understand QoS statistics on my 2960.I have 2 cisco phones on it and 1 uplink.on cisco phones interfaces I have "mls qos trust device cisco-phone"on the uplink I have: priority-queue out mls qos trust coswhen I look at stats of ...

HelloI believe I have a faulty module on a cisco 6509I would like to confirm the troubleshooting process / commands for checking / re-seating the faulty module.Would the commands listed below be correct. The module is module 2 on switch 1. We have 2 ...

Hi,I have this issue on my 3750 stack which comprises of two 3750.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------show switch stack-portsSwitch #    Port 1       Port 2  --------        ------       --...

Looking to deploy N7K-F248XP-25s in N7K-C7009s, because the cost and value are really good, however I have some 100Mbps copper connections I'll likely be stuck with for a while.  So... can I plug a GLC-T into a N7K-F248XP-25 and set the speed at 100M...

pnilkaew by Beginner
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Hi,Been tasked with coming up with a lan design to replace some old Nortel equipment. It's a medium branch office with around 100 - 125 users spread accross a couple of buildings. I'm thinking of using a collapsed core design with uplinks to 5 access...

Hello,    When I run the "show ipv6 local pool" command on my Cisco 6500 I'm getting the following output:6500#sh ipv6 local poolPool                              Prefix                                      Free In useclient-prefix-pool1 2001:DB8:120...

If I have Spanning Tree enabled and redundant links between switches will sho cdp nei det show all the connected links (even those that are not passing traffic because spanning tree has disabled them)?

j-griffin by Beginner
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