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DHCP Configuration on a MLS Switch

Hi All,I have read in CCNP Switch book that we can use the MLS Switch to be used as a DHCP Server. However, we can define only one DHCP Pool on the switch. Now the question is that how hosts located on different VLANs get IP Addresses from the same s...

daudparvez by Beginner
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Cisco etherchannel - Unix mode 6 alb

Hi,We have to connect two 3750G switches to some HP machines. Those machines have several network interfaces, which are going to be configured in several bondings. The load balancing mode they want to configure is mode 6, alb. We have investigated an...

lacp system priority change

Hello , can someone give an answer?if after having an active peer-link port-channel between a couple of nexus 7010 I change lacp system-priority on both boxes and then I add a new member interface on that port-channel , that interface will be aligned...

IOS compatibility issue

Hello Everyone, My old switch software version is c3750-ipbase-mz.122-35.SE5 and model number is WS-C3750-48TS-S and my new switch Software version is c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-50.SE5.bin and model number is WS-C3750V2 . I want a compatible (prefer s...

redistributing bgp into ospf

Dear All,I have three routers R1-R2-R3 connected in a network..R1 has the following configuration:interface Loopback0 ip address!         interface GigabitEthernet0/0 ip address duplex auto spe...

End devices need running under VLAN

Hello,I have some PC which require running in environment with VLAN.  However, some of them could not configure with VLAN tag but some can.  So simple drawingPC (cannot config VLAN) <-----> CISCO 2960 <-----> Server (can support VLAN tag)How should I...

Resolved! Why have sub ints on a fa?

I understand the sub-ints on  aserial WAN link, usually for frame-relay, but why the sub-ints on the fa? And how is it implemented on the LAN?  With a FR switch?R#sh ip int brInterface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status               ...