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Resolved! Gateway of last resort - layer 3 switch

Hi all,I'm new to the Cisco forums; thanks in advance for your help!  I'm building the below network configuration:WAN -------- ASA5505 ------<802.1q trunk>----- L3 switch -----<802.1q trunk>----- L2 switch w/ VLAN supportThe following VLANs exist on...

ACL log, unreach is causing High CPU

can anyone help, ACL log, unreach is causing High CPU but the recommendation to remove "log" keyword is not present.Packets Received by Packet QueueQueue                  Total           5 sec avg 1 min avg 5 min avg 1 hour avg---------------------- ...

VTP mismatch

Hello,I have enabled syslog on a lot of switches today and cleared down all the errors apart from this one below:VTP protocol user notification: Version 1 device detected on Gi1/0/7 after grace period has endedMost of the issues today that I have cle...

Andy White by Participant
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Identical vlans different subnets.

Hi everyone,My organisation has aquired another building preloaded with hp procurve kit and simular setups. My Question is, both our sites operated vlans with the same tag number but different subnets are configured, I dont want to access any of thos...

3750 Stack :: %HLFM-3-SEND_FAIL

Hi,We have one 3750 switch stack. One of switch stack is crashing and having some memory leak issues.Log is giving one message continuously:switch3750MARWARI#sh logSyslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 0 messages rate-limited, 0 flushes, 0 ove...

Cisco 1801 (fixed) & virgin media

I have a cisco 1801 (fixed), and want to use the fe0 WAN port to connect to the internet via a virgin media cable modem.I am having a few issues (partly as I am new to cisco) and despite reading numerous posts both here and other sites, I am still st...

CISCO 1941 router NAT problems

Hello all,I am attemping to create a simple LAN and have computers on that LAN be able to access the internet.  I've configured my default ip route:Gateway of last resort is to network* [1/0] via      7...

kmillard84 by Beginner
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Port speed for 802.11Q vlans on Cisco Router ?

I got a Cisco 2800 router and am planning to use FastEthernet 0/1 to trunk in 802.11Q VLAN's to cater for some of our radio links. Can someone point me to a document that can help me fully understand the speed and operation of the sub-interface that ...

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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Point-to-Point Requirement 802.1q trunking

Cisco documentation says that trunks (802.1q as well as ISL) are point-to-point connecitons and I already found a discussion about that:https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/161538#161538We have a similar  request by our customer which want to use ...

Cisco ISR 2811 Boot problem

Hello,I have a problem when i try to boot my 2811 ISR, i tried to boot also from a usbflash i had the same error. Here is what i get when i try to bootprogram load complete, entry point: 0x8000f000, size: 0x3d240 program load complete, entry point: 0...

ASR9K, Trunk vlan allowed

Hello Pro'sI want to deploy the same concept as switchport trunk vlan allowed 53 , 71 on an ASR 9000 trunk link.I couldnt find a thing pointing straight to the matter, but from what I read here and there, should I create subinterfaces for each vlan t...

smehrnia by Rising star
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