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Hi,I trying to troubleshoot routing issues on a network i'm new to.I just did a traceroute to an IP address for an offsite office we have,.. Would this suggest a loop in the network?Tracing the route to  1 0 msec 0 msec 0 m...

SSlacks2a by Level 1
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Hi everybody.We  connect router say to a computer using a cross over cable, router uses pins 1,2 to transmit and pins 3,6 to receive.My question is why do we need two pins to transmit? Can we not use just one pin to transmit say pin 1?What is the ben...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Blocking Ports don´t send BPDUs, but they can receive them from designated ports.Blocking ports, can it hold BPDUs? I think that Blocking Ports only receive, analyse and then discard the BPDU.But, what happen if the blocking port receive a better o w...

Juan Urti by Level 1
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scenario:3750a, 3750b, and 3750c are connected via stackwise. these switches are then connected to g0/1-3 of 3560G via port-channel.3750a-g1/0/1-----g0/1-3560G3750b-g2/0/1-----g0/2-3560G3750c-g3/0/1-----g0/3-3560Gquestion:1. what would be the outcome...

Hi,My understanding is that one of the requirements for REP to function is that and edge port is configured.From this I have two questions.Question 1.I wish to deploy a ring remotely. Trunks are in place and forwarding as required. I expect that I wi...

mark.tegg by Level 1
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Dear all,We are considering to use stacking feature but would like to make sure about the behavior before we go for it.The question is, for example, when we have 6 Cisco switches stacked and DHCP client is used on the stacked switches.What is the MAC...

antliu620 by Level 1
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I'm working with some 891W's that have the internal 800-series AP.  I'm not overly proficient yet with Cisco or IOS but I'm learning.  I have this router set up initially using Cisco Config Express, then, using Cisco Config Professional 2.5 I set up ...

cluovpemb by Level 1
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I was kind of curious on something. I recently changed my ssm static maps to directly specify which multicast source a particular multicast would be coming from. This is coming from a provider outside of my network. IE:ip igmp ssm-map static 40 10...

jwilde by Level 1
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Hi All,I want classify and marking traffic on access port with C3750x Ios:12.2(58)SE2 Lanbase but i don't have any packet.With the same configuration on C6500 it's ok.Here my configuration on Switch:!interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1switchport access vl...

I need help with a NAT problem with a 8100.  I have 3 of these units and one stopped working so I bought a replacement.  I set the new one up exactly like the others.....the only difference being that the new one did not have a NAT tab in the web gui...

dlc by Level 1
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Hello everyone,1 day and 2 hours ago I cleared the counters on a SVI on a 6509 running IOS.  Since then the interface has received 1386034 broadcasts (89547 IP multicasts).  I have a few questions about the interface's broadcast counter:1. Is there a...

eclinton by Level 1
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Hi,           It seems when I manually do a write mem, the crypto key is sent to the SCP server. When the archive is activated automatically with the time-period config, the switch doesn't send the crypto key. Is this by design?Thank you, Pat