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Hi all. I'm pretty new to Cisco equipment and I'm working on a lab where I am trying to load a new IOS onto a 3750V2 switch.  Here are the details.Network. /24Switch IP IP                   Switch1.1#show runBuilding configu...

jmalge by Beginner
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I've started this discussion a couple times already and I haven't really gotten a straight answer, so I'll try one more time...The question is: Will a 3750 switch route Jumbo frame sizes (e.g. 9000 MTU)?We know that we can change the System MTU to 90...

pweinhold by Beginner
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hey folks could really use your input. i deleted my ios on my 2950 so that i could upgrade the ios to a newer one but in the middle of the upgrade i lost power, now i am tring to use xmodem to recover the ios but it gets to cccccccccc and i get $$$$$...

rmmbminola by Beginner
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Hello all,First of all, excuse any language mistake, I am not an English native speaker but I will try to do my best I´ve been trying to configure a connection which requires NAT translation but my devices are too old and seems that the configuration...

eltote1982 by Beginner
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I'm having a unique situation. I have a network that has a pair of 6500 switches on either end, running HSRP. In between each 6500 are two to three ruggedcom switches. They are connected to each other and the 6500's by trunk ports in a straight line....

jmonk by Beginner
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I work for a small company with  around 20 office employees.  We are lookig to get another location.  The  one in the new location will need to VPN into the old location server  in order to access files and programs ran on the server.  Do you have a ...

Misua1234 by Beginner
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I have found this question posted a couple of times, but I have yet to see it answered.On a 3750/3560 to enable jumbo frames on gigabit interfaces I enter the global config command "system mtu jumbo 9000".Switch#sho system mtuSystem MTU size is 1998 ...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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Hello,   Nexus dhcp relay does filter DISCOVER|OFFER broadcasts at layer 2.Is there a way to get rid of those filters? Adding dhcp relay addresses is not a viable option, since we don't even know the addresses of all dhcp servers in all subnets.Curre...

jvreemann by Beginner
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Hi,        VLAN MAC address filter does not seem to be working on my 4900 switch. However the same config works fine when tested on my 3750 & 3560 switches.Since user from different VLANs requires to be blocked, Unicast MAC address filter will not be...

Greetings. Has anyone successfully connected a legacy Nortel switch (425/450/470/BPS) to a Nexus 7000 via gigabit fiber? I have a customer trying to do it and they say that the connection never comes up. The support on the Nortel stuff is long since ...

m.glosson by Beginner
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