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Resolved! C2960 IOS 12 or 15? (layer 3)

Hi We have just had a cisco 2960 delivered wich is being used for its basic layer 3 functionality. I was wondering would I still beable to use this if I upgrade to version 15? I was also wondering what this version 15 is all about and if there are an...

Netflow Command is not available

Netflow is not available ..please help12.2(54)SG1new#show moduleChassis Type : WS-C4507R-EPower consumed by backplane : 40 WattsMod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.---+-----+----------------------------------...

Creating logical separations

Imagine I have a rack of servers, some are on a DMZ and some are in the internal network. They all reside in the same rack. I am being asked to provide logical separation between the servers in the DMZ and the ones in the internal network WITHOUT usi...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Model number: WS-C3524-XL-EN

Could someone let me know the latest OS release for this Model number: WS-C3524-XL-EN switch. I currently am running Version 12.0(5)WC17The reason is, I'm having some issues installing some HP PC's connected to this switch. The nic card on the HP f...

mgalla3327 by Beginner
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Switch ws-c3524-XL support 802.1x ?

Hello,The switch ws-c3524-XL with c3500xl-c3h2s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin not support the command dot1x? I ask that because i´m unable to write this command: aaa authentication dot1x default group radius And enable 802.1X authentication on the interface with...

INEM by Beginner
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Get IOS on Flash Card

I have this 2801 in a critical environment.  We had a brief power blip, and even though the router is on UPS, something happened.  Anyway, after working with TAC, they determined the flash card had gone corrupt.  Lucky for me I had a spare 2801 in my...

Resolved! Rookie Question

Hi, I haven't done anything Cisco since school about 8 years ago.  I have 5 Catalyst 2960-S Switches that I am setting up.Basically I am just wanting to assign a Static IP address to each switch, using  I will be setting ...

ARP with Cluster IP

Hi Netproi have cluster issue with 2 serversfor instance server one has the address of while server 2 has the address ,so the cluster address will be,now i can ping and, while unable tp ping the cluster IP 1.1....

Add a config to a stack?

Hello,I have been given 2 3750 switches and need to put a config onto it wuld is for 2 3750's in a stack, how should I put this on the 2 switches?  Is it bested to install it onto 1 switch first then physically attach the 2nd after?Thanks

Andy White by Participant
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