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Confused about MST spanning-tree output

I'm just labbing some MST for some CCNP practice and I noticed that my 2950 switches always think they are the root for both MST instances, when they shouldn't be the root for any. The output of the 3550s seem to make sense. One is the root for one i...

Voice Vlan Configuration

I have a question about how to implement voice into my network. Should I connect my L2 poe 2960 (for phones) into my 4507 catalyst and use intervlan routing to route between vlans.Or should I connect my L2 poe 2960 into the empty fa0/1 port on my 374...

bsciarra1 by Beginner
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Static NAT problem

Hi,I want to NAT the each Server to a separate public ips as bellow192.168.96.50 > > see the attach network topology for more detailsThanks,Asanka

Cisco 28xx Router series throughput

We currently have multiple Cisco 2811 in our DC. We are trying to expand our VPN, Security capabilities.Is there a data sheet which lists how much throughput each Cisco 28xx series support?Please, let me know ASAP.Thanks,-NG

gnaveen by Beginner
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MST and PVST+ interaction

Since Cisco doesn't allow the CST root to be outside the region when interacting with a PVST+ switch, does that also mean that only one MST region can be presesnt? (imagine MST region A connected to MST region C through region B which  only runs PVST...

droeun141 by Beginner
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IOS for ws-c2960-24TC-L

Hi,IOS of my subjected switch is not working, i have tried to download it from cisco but download link not showing, please provide me the link for download, and explain how to reload it. (IOS Version - 12.2(25) SEE3)Please help me out.Kishan

Huge problems to internal route SA 520W

HiI'm trying to be able to access my Webserver inside my network from the inside of the SA 520W router, but i have tried everything and nothing is working.When i try to write the web URL to my webserver i'm getting https://domainname.com and login fo...

Resolved! BGP "Hold time expired" error

Hi all,I have a 3745 router configured as a BGP gateway, and I have two tunnels setup for IPV6, tunnel  10 is working fine, but tunnel 100 is constantly dropping.I am getting a (hold time expired) error on tunnel 100, I configured my BGP default set...

danny itza by Beginner
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portchannel unbalanced traffic

I have a 6509 (IOS 12.2.SX.) with nodules WS-X6748-GE-TX and configured portchannels and are experimenting unbalanced traffic. I need to know how to solve this issue.The configuration in our equipment is:interface FastEthernet1/36 description Conexio...

PBR problem

Hi All,we have simple PBR setup. there are two service provider, let's call them SP1 and SP2. SP1 connected to ASA, and SP2 connected to the PIX. There is a core router which is default gateway from entire LAN.7120 router IP: 178.11...

HELP!! 15 minute clock over and over!

Hi,We have something really strange going on.  We have a Cisco 3845 router that is hooked up for a VPN connection back to our office.  Right now, it is configured for static IP from the cable modem.  The VPN will stay up for exactly 15 minutes, and t...

xblade258 by Beginner
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6509-E dot1Q to 2960 via 3800

Hey all,I have been very unsuccessful in finding a solution to this issue and am begining to believe that it is not possible...well, at least as we would like to do it.Our situation: We have a 6509-E (SUP-720, VSPA) that is the hub to several 2960's ...

Separate Network

Hello, i've a network up and running in the green zone all the equipament is running in VTP Domain: CUCA and the management network is, now i need to configure the others switch's outside the green zone each in his VTP Domain but i need...