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Resolved! 877w wireless not working

I've tried all possible way to get the wireless working,what could be wroing here is my configBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 4644 bytes!version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime ...

Troubleshooting devices on a 3560G switch

Im pretty sure its the same on any cisco switch, but what are some basic commands I could use to troubleshot how much traffic is going and coming to a specific port on the switch. ( the back story ) I had an issue where my network kept bouncing and I...

Oversubscription Ratios (OSR)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the old oversubscription dilemma. What to think about when planning a data center deployment...No doubt it is difficult to come up with a rule of thumb or some canned answer with regard to OSRs. There are so many variables:...

lamav by Collaborator
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2975 broadcast suppresion or storm-control

Hi,I have configured storm-control in al port in some switches 2975. I tried with some values 10% of bandwidth 0.10 and 0.01.If I configured 0.10% for example some equipments send boradcast continuosly at 0..01 to 0.003 and the cpu of the Core networ...

mcusine by Beginner
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How can VLAN inside of QinQ interacts with "outside" world?

Hello everyone,we have a simple QinQ topology:PE-SW1-----------QinQ-------PE-SW2-----V652-----PE-UPLINK| <-----QinQ edge ------------->|      || <---Trunk allowed V652 -->|      | <-- Trunk allowed  V652CE-SW1                         CE-SW2|  <------...

Subnetting Quiz Prob

Q. You have an IP of with a subnet mask of 7 bits. How many hosts and subnets are possible?                  A. 126 hosts and 510 subnets                  B. 128 subnets and 512 hosts                  C. 510 hosts and 128 subnets       ...

NAT Problem

Hi,I’m trying to ssh to a router through a ASA 5505 and have the router I’m reaching return the traffic on tcp port 22. I’ve attached a small network diagram which explains how it’s all connected.The pertinent configuration on Router 2 is:ip nat insi...

Assigning MAC Address on FE port

all,i would like to know what are some practical uses of assigning static MAC address on a Cisco FE port. i saw a link and it explained filtering based on MAC addresses. is that all to it?ROUTER#sh run int f0/0Building configuration...Current configu...