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Couple of questions, my friends...1.) With dot1x authentication, the authentication server (perhaps a RADIUS or TACACS server) will use the supplicant's information (what that information is is my second question) as the security metric to allow or d...

lamav by Collaborator
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Howdy Cisco Community,I am looking for some input to help me properly plan and elegantly design my logical network re-configuration.  I'm specifcally hoping to hear from people that have done this before, not just theory based on documentation.To sta...

Josh Mahar by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Hi,my Cisco 1811 router is configured for SSH access (this is a lab environment).I can SSH connect to the router but after one or two minutes I get disconnected and cannot connect again. The router does not even respond to ping anymore. I can connect...

I have an environment in which i have 10 switchs  & 2 domains - Domain A and Domain BI want to know If i create Vlan 3 in Domain A and Domain B, can vlan 3 data be carried across both domains on a trunk configured with vlan 3, even though vtp adverti...

HiWe are creating a shared Network infrastructure, the setup is in High Availability.MPLS >> Router >> Nexus 7010 >> Nexus 5020 >> Nexus 2248 >> Server 1/ Customer 1  ( Ip Address :- )                   |                  |              ...

rahulja by Beginner
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I am having a problem where UDP SIP packets do not show up on the span dst port in my captures.I am seeing TCP traffic and some other UDP traffic as well as the broadcasts and I know there are UDP SIP packets because when I do a capture on the device...

dave.jones by Beginner
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Hey all,I have a network in which we have to use VLAN tagging to trunk the two seperate networks over 1 ethernet connection. Can you recommend this setup?There are two seperate subnets, the end devices are not VLAN capable. So im thinking: Uplink por...

ktcisg by Beginner
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I have a bit of problem with a 3560g switch on our network.It has developed memory allocation issues.. some outputs below...ServerSwG1#show memory summary                       Head    Total(b)     Used(b)          Free(b)       Lowest(b)     Largest...

HiI dont know if this is the correct forum to discuss and appologize if mistakenly posted.In a ciscopress switching book "BPDU Filtering" section it stated:" BPDUs are sent on all switch ports—even ports where PortFast has been enabled."Few lines bel...

Hi all!I have 4948e and as I googled - this device does not have vlan counters. When I execute:show interfaces vlan 100 countersThe result:Counters information is not available for Vlan100Is there a way to use vlan counters or not?

martos1981 by Beginner
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Cisco 2960 PC-LInline Power Controller Test Begin....Inline Power POST Failed Port 0Inline Power POST Failed Port 1Inline Power POST Failed Port 2Inline Power POST Failed Port 3Inline Power POST Failed Port 4Inline Power POST Failed Port 5Inline Powe...

hi guys,in switches i can able to see the "What mac address is taken by each port"In unmanagable switch, is there is any way to find "what ip address is taken by each port?Tracing of wiring is hard in the case of larger networks. is there is any comm...

We are currently running IOS from 12.2(35) to 12.2(50) on either a Cisco Catalyst 3750 or 3750v2 switches.Is it possible to trust both CoS and DSCP on the switch ports at the same time as seen in a exampleconfiguration below. The reason we would like...

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