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can we extend our etheret (vlans) over DS3. what are the steps to do it? Do we need some configurations on cisco devices or it is handled by converters(ethernet to ds3 converter)?thanks in advance.

Hi all, I have been trying to run updates on our 6506 VSS using the ISSU method.  Everything went smoothly until running the issu loadversion command to boot the standby chassis to the new version.  Now the standby is stuck in a bootloop, each time w...

tvelasco by Beginner
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I have 4 3750-X switches with the latest IP BASE IOS of 12.2(53)SE2 which have the C3KX-NM-10G= module in them.  They are configured in two seperate stacks and when I plug in the SFP+, I get that the module is not supported?  However all the equipmen...

We have a Cisco 1811W router for our connection to the Internet and multiple Catalyst 2948 and Dell 5324, 5448 switches in our network. We have a single subnet network. I recently unplugged one of the Catalyst 2948 switches from the network and about...

itdept by Beginner
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I am completely lost on this one. We have a 6506-E w/ dual sup720B where I work and it started taking massive cpu hits over the past coupleof weeks. After utilizing the debug netdr command I was able to narrowthe culprit down to the ghost server. Fun...

chipsch21 by Beginner
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Hi,I have read that a VTP client can synchronize a VTP server if the client Revision number is higher than the server.If it is correct to assume that the only switch in a VTP domain to hold the VLAN database is the server, can we say that the VLAN in...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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HelloI own a Cisco Catalyst 2950 running IOS C2950 Software Version 12.1(22)EA9. I have some trouble to express setup it. I have tryed to follow the cisco guide to Clear the Switch IP Address and Configuration. I hold down the mode button until the l...

int po1swsw trunk encap dot1qsw mode trunk!int te5/4swsw trunk encap dot1qsw mode trunkchannel-group 1 mode desi!int te5/5swsw trunk encap dot1qsw mode trunkchannel-group 1 mode desi1     Po1(SD)        PAgP      Te5/4(I)  Te5/5(I)6509EVS-S720-10G-3C...

hi all,I have question about managing bandwidth and speed for a small business company.My ISP is providing me 20Mb of internet and I would like to split in 2 parts as 15mb and 5 mb.I  have catalyst 2950  which is not allowing me bandwidth per port  c...

malesefxx by Beginner
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