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Route divert

Hi All,We have DC in Denmark connected to all locations through MPLSfrom Denmark DC to Greenland we have one 512k direct p to p link routing protocol RIP was runningfrom Denmark DC to Aalborg p to p link, routing protocol OSPFfrom Denmark Dc to Aalbo...


I have a 7600 with dual RSP720s.I want to deploy a CoPP policy.Question:1.) Should the destination address of the ACLs that classify the traffic be the address of the MSFC? In this case, what I mean by the MSFC is the mangment IP address of the RSP72...

lamav by Collaborator
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LLQ queue when not congested

LLQ in our policy-map;R1(config-pmap-c)#priority 1024I understand that when the link is congested;-its servers traffic for this queue first-it also polices this queue to 1024kbpsBut what happens when the interface is not congested, and I send 2048kbp...

Resolved! "priority-queue out" on a 3750

I understand that the “priority-queue out” interface command creates a expedite queue for that interface, and this queue is emptied first before the other queues.Does it do this even when the interface isn't congested?

Resolved! show vtp status

Hi everybody!The " show vtp status" commands shows a lot of information." show vtp status" command when issued on vtp client switch also shows " configuration last modified by ( ip address)" towards the end of output.Is this ip address of the ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! Switchport Mirroring Question

Hi, I have a webfilter server that I have set up out of band. In previous installs I've always had the server connected to a the same switch that my firewall was comming in on. However this time the server is located on another access switch. I'm hav...

Resolved! create static route on 4506E to 7200 router

I'm having an issue where I can't create an ip address on a switch port for a firewall. I've done it before on a non-HA setup where the connection was made on the core switch directly connected to the router. This time the connection will be on a dis...

harris.em by Beginner
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Resolved! 2801 with USB Port

Does anyone know how to access the USB port on the 2801 router? I currenty have a USB flash drive inserted, but can't access the drive. Any documentation on this would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Resolved! Questions about Switch MAC addresses

1. The question is to which hardware component of the switch does the physical MAC address is assigned?Like motherboard of a switch? Is it physically burned on somewhere?2. Does a MAC address of a routers Ethernet port is physically burned on it or i...

Martin L by VIP Advisor
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Resolved! isl header and mac addresses in isl header.

Hi every body!ISl header has source mac and destination mac address feilds among others.sw1 f0/1-----------------f0/2 sw2Sw1 and sw2 are connected by trunk .What would be src mac address and destination mac address in ISL header when sw1 sends ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! show intferaces trunk command

Hi every body!The command " show interfaces trunk" shows a lot of information. My focus is information appears under:" vlans allowed and active in management domain" and " vlans in spanning tree forwarding state and not pruned".Shouldn't the inf...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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How to see advertising route

Hi, Is there any command to see routes which a particular Router_A is advertising to a remote Router_B .I dont have login rights to remote Router_B but i have full priveldges for Router_A. Also, on Router_A i cant run debug.regardsNeo

cisco by Beginner
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natting please help

hi there when traffic from outside the firewall comes into my dmz gets natted, Am I right in saying that the source address from outside does not change, for some reason when I do a packet capture on the dmz net server, i always see the source as the...