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show mac self

On 3550 and 2950s - does anymore have info on these sequentially numbered mac addresses? Web searches yield little.cisco>sh mac selfNon-static Address Table:Destination Address Address Type ------------------- ------------ 0006.d7d0.3280 Self 1 ...

visacemea by Beginner
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IPv6 router solicitation !

Hi all. I have configured my router to be in host modeno ip routingno ipv6 unicast-routingAs per definition, whenever a host comes up (configured to use ipv6) will send RS messages to discover ipv6 routers on local link. But when cisco routers are co...

Resolved! Switch Hyper Terminal Problem

when we want to connect switch though Hyper Terminal it showing following problem:-% No defaulting allowedEnter interface name used to connect to the management network from the above interface summary:

ravi.gyala by Beginner
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Problem with Trunking using GigaStacks

Hi,I have 1 3550 and 2 2950 switches connected using a GigaStack Cable using the below setup3550 (Gigastack to 2950-SW1 and 2950-SW2 using Port Gi0/2)2950-SW1 to 2950-SW2 using GigaStack(Ports Gi0/1 on both)I somehow cannot seem to configure a 802.1q...

mnlatif by Participant
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Please Heeeeelp me!

Hi,I will be crazy, I read in (CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide, Fourth Edition) Page#64 the author said,"If the querier does not receive a reply from each of its neighbors, it repeats thequery as a unicast to each unresponsive neighbor un...

IPv6, calculating plen !

hi all, this may seem a very stupid question but i just cant do it. I was reading Unicast-Prefix-Based Multicast Addresses and under that i am confused on how to calculate plen ? this is the example given in cisco press deploying ipv6. Unicast Prefix...

a weird website...enough said....HELP!

Here is the deal. I am certain that this doesnt belong in this category, but i trust the security people more than anyone. I have a website that i cant access from a certain subinterface. I logged onto the guest VLAN and able to get to it. It has alw...

Access-list in Cisco 3560 Series Switch

Guys,I will be implementing access-lists in 3560 switch. Hope you can help me with the configuration. I'm planning to block all ports by default and only allow ports that the user need to access. The ports will be as follows, tcp - 80, 81, 8080, 25, ...

helios999 by Beginner
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Health Report for Cisco Devices

We have a network of around 200 Cisco devices including Routers, Switches wireless controllers.I want to do the health checkup for those devices. Any idea what should we check during the health checkup for the network devices.Here i want to mention t...

Resolved! Is IPv6 ACL needed if not yet using IPv6?

I am concerned about IPv6 traffic infiltrating my network before I'm ready to accept it. Do I need to configure an IPv6 ACL to deny any any IPv6 traffic if I'm only using IPv4? Can you have both an IPv4 and IPv6 ACL configured on the same interface?

kduckett by Beginner
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Resolved! Route Map

Please can somebody explain what this route map is doing to the statics with tag 7?Thank you in advance.router ospf 1 router-id log-adjacency-changes redistribute static metric 1 subnets route-map OSPF_default passive-interface default...