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Hi clever people I have a cluster with 2 hosts running ESX4U1, all managed by the latest version of vCenter Server. Licenses: Enterprise PlusI 'm trying to get the Nexus 1000V to work.I have installed the VSM successfully and the hosts are updated wi...

Hi NetPro.Currently i doing the IOS patching for Cat4k switch, however i am facing some problem after the switch rebooted . this Cat4k doesn't reload with the new IOS. i have tried 2 times but still can't boot up the new IOS.your reply will be highly...

ney25 by Level 2
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Hi AllI have just moved away from SPAN to VACL's due to the more granular nature of VACL's, but am missing one major filtering feature that SPAN gave me.  I have 20 interfaces in the VLAN that I am capturing, but I do not want to include the traffic ...

I'm on a switch with no other connections to it besides 2 trunk links going to two different switches.On one port, let's say Gi 0/23 the "sh spanning tree int gig 0/23" shows this port as the root port for all vlans.For the other trunk link Gig 0/24 ...

Hi,one of our Catalyst 4500 stopped switching and wasn't reachable until it was rebootet manually via console. There was no error message only the following message was logged permanently,001417: .Mar  1 00:48:28.859 MEZ: Current Freelist count 511. ...

Hi Experts, looking for configuraiton assistance. ADSL is configured on Thomson ADSL router with static IP address. I want to move the ADSL connection to cisco 2801 router and be able to access the router using public static IP address. Router is equ...

melwin.uk by Level 1
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I setup a STP topology with 5 Cisco 3560G switches. Everything is working correctly I assume, switches show correct blocked ports, root switches are set, al traffic is great.One thing I see happening though is that on one of my root switches, one of ...

Hey guys,Hopefully this is a fun one ..I have at home a cisco 881 which is up and running fine.I want to hook up my dlink wireless router and have the wireless traffic as a seperate network.Has anyone tried this??I am having a hell of a time getting ...

Hi:Is anyone aware of a book of case studies. No explanations of the technology and the associated sanitized solutions - just real world kind of stuff.For example, a chapter on route redistribution could have a few case studies where the requirements...

lamav by Level 8
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We are currently using GLBP on two  routers to load balance the lan traffic between them. However we would like to have one subnet alway use a specific router so it will use a specific route to a backup site. Is it possible to remove that subnet from...

It is explained to us that RTs are used to tell a receiving PE router which VRF to place received iBGP routes.Isnt that RD enough to accomplish this for INTRA-vpn control plane convergence?PE1 and PE2 will have the same VRFs configured for customers ...

lamav by Level 8
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