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I'm trying to see if the packets for a class-map I set is within the rate that I set in my policy-map, how many packets dropped, etc but when I do show policy-map control-plane, there is no output: #show policy-map control-planeLoad for five secs: 1%...

D@1984 by Level 1
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I tried to upgrade my cisco before and it stop booting up after i rebooted. Now whenever it boots with autoboot i see...*********************************************************** ** Welcome to Rom Monitor for WS-C4948-10GE System. ** Copyright (c) 2...

Dear all,We are having a setup in which a server is installed with ESXi type 1 hypervisor. The server has been connected to nexus 9K switch port for internet connectivity . We want to create multiple Virtual machines on a server and on each machine w...

Hello,First post, sorry if it's misplaced. So i read that the first packet from the first ping between a switch and some other device is lost, due to the switch having no entries for the MAC address in the ARP table. But i can't figure out exactly wh...

trane.m by Level 1
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HiI wanted to share an issue I've had with OSPF and Catalyst 9300 switches. I would like to know if anyone else has seen this or not?We recently purchased 2 * Catalyst 9300-48UXM switches. Switch1 has C9300-NM-8X card installed and network advantage....

roysm by Level 1
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the sh flash give me the 846200832 bytes available (1011351552 bytes used)the total files length  is 495013974 not 1011351552.I removed an old bin file (about 500Mb) but  it looks like it hasn't been removedthe file does not appear in sh flash comman...

furio by Level 1
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We have had a new building cabled and i don't trust the test results given to us by the cabler.We have over 2000 ports via many stacks of 2960x's a spot check via the TDR command on ports that are connecting at 100 and should be 1000 are showing brok...

Magnets by Level 1
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I had faced a very strange situation, i have configured portfast and BPDU gaurd on access ports for the end points but my colleague mistakenly connect two ports on the same switch back to back. After that our whole network went down due to congestion...

Hello Community, I'm getting these logs in my VSS device: Feb 13 16:25:22.214 UTC: %MLSCEF-SW1_DFC1-4-FIB_SPACE_LIMIT: FIB Space limit reached, Some IPv4 Multicast routes may be absent from hardware tablesFeb 13 16:25:24.622 UTC: %MLSCEF-SW2_DFC6-4-F...

zizou6500 by Level 1
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why is my cisco failing to boot?switch: bootboot: attempting to boot from [flash:cat9k_iosxe.17.03.01.SPA.bin]ERROR: failed to boot from flash:cat9k_iosxe.17.03.01.SPA.bin (Not Found)Please wait while the system restarts. 

DO5 by Level 1
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