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ISSU in 9407R in stackwise virtual

Hi,We have configured two catalyst 9407R with stackwise virtual and we have dual supervisor on each chassis.while preparing to upgrade to fuji 16.9.5 using ISSU, i found this limitation : "With Cisco StackWise Virtual configured on the switch, ISSU i...

amine_sto by Beginner
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Cisco 3750 stack replacement

I have read the Cisco 3750 documentation about replacing stack members, but I want to make sure I understand completely.  Ihave a stack member that is starting to fail, it is not the master, and I have a 3750 from a different site with the same licen...

SSH RSA Key Question

So part of my standard rollout is to create an SSH key in each 2960 I deploy - crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048.After I do this and check it with show crypto key mypubkey rsa, I see the 2048 key I created, but there is also a 512 and a 768 key un...

View full config SG220

Hi there, thanks for reading.  I need to replace an SG220.  I'm seeing that the show run leaves out commands that are viewable via the http GUI.  Is there a way to capture ALL of the running config?  The GUI backup procedure just grabs the incomplete...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Resolved! SNMP v3 for catalyst

Hello, I am trying to setup SNMP v3 on our Catalyst 2960 switches.I got the configuration setup and it`s working. But I noticed SNMP information can be pulled from other NMS if correct credentials are provided. Below is my SNMP config on Catalyst 296...

Cisco 3550 Switch Voice Not working

Hi Everyone, I am currently getting a new phone system installed and everything is setup to use vlan 120 for voice.  I have made the changes is all of my switches, however, all my 3550 switches do not seem to be letting the data go through or communi...

Drakkoneth by Beginner
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Access list and ip nat inside

Assuming you are a network consultant hired by a small business to verify why their new office in Allen, TX seems to be having connectivity problems. According to the site manager, out of 20 employees, only Jack Brickson connects to the internet. You...

Tope by Beginner
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Multicast Issues on IE5000 switches

I'm working on a system that employs (2) IE5000 switches to connect (2) comm rooms. I have a server on each side of the system that uses multicast packets to communicate with other devices on the network. The issue I'm running into is I cannot seem t...

jb3814 by Beginner
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vPC Cisco Nexus

Hi There,  We are planning for a back to back vPC between 5k (Downstream) and 9k (Upstream), with this we have some physical constraints and we are unable to have the same physical connectivityThe query is on N9K1 we have connection coming to downstr...

SFP compatibility

Hi, i have SFP 1000BaseLX SFP (PID-GLC-LH-SMD) which is inserted on WS-C3560CX port, i want to use this SFP to interconnect switch WS-C3560CX and WS-C4506-E port module WS-X4712-SFP+E,  could you please confirm if SFP 1000BaseLX is supported on modul...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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