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FCS Errors on 6506 Fiber Port

I have a 6506 incrementing FCS-ERR counters on an SFP port. The other end of the fiber is connected to a Catalyst 2980. There are no errors on the 2980 port and there is no duplex mismatch noted on either switch port. What would be the most likely...

medic by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I have a Windows server on the network acting as the time server and I would like to point the Switches to it to get the time. I've entered the command ntp server ( IP Address of server ). I also have the clock timezone EST -5 comman...

Source Specific Multicast question

Hi,I am reading about Source Specific Multicast, and I just don't get the point.... if the end result of using SSM is that one broadcaster or sender makes a shortest path tree directly one receiver, what is the advantage at that point of having multi...

lgontarsk by Beginner
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Resolved! link-local

dear netpro!when you map the Link local of the remote router to ur local router do i need to assign the brodcast keyword like the address of the remote node Node10xs

alsayed by Beginner
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Hi NetPro,i got this logs from the core-switch : %SPANTREE-7-PORTDEL_FAILNOTFOUND: 3/16 in vlan 130 not found (telnet145) . but, VLAN 130 still in the Core-switch . i wonder what does this means.your reply will be highly appreciated.thanks.regards,Ja...

ney25 by Explorer
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MPLS in Enterprise Campus Network

Hi,I have a query regarding implementation of MPLS in Enterprise Network. If an enterprise network is comprised of Cisco's multilayer design i.e access,distribution and core then what is the advantage of deploying MPLS in that network.Regards,Mujeeb

rmujeeb81 by Beginner
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GSR input ignore errors

GSR12008 receiving input ignore errors, causing packet loss. CPU and memory levels normal, and not spiking. Running for many months at bandwidth usage levels much higher than some of the occurrences of the issue, so leaning away from capacity problem...

ceo by Beginner
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Switch logging

I am getting this log message, will it impact my network, even it minorly.I have checked the duplex and speed settings there is no problem, why this log is coming i am not able to find the reason. 4507>sh logSyslog logging: enabled (0 messages droppe...

Manual VLAN Pruning Issue

I am trying to understand some interesting layer 2 behavior that occurred when pruning a VLAN.The topology is a 3750 stack uplinked to a 6509 and 4006 via 1gb fiber ports configured for dot1Q trunking. The 6509 and 4006 are also connected by a trunk....

dgahm by Collaborator
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VLAn and VTP configuration..

Hi can you please check if my configuration below is correct or do you have any suggestion?I have 3550 and 1 2960, the 2960 will connect on 3550 using VTP and with VLAn configuration. please check below my config.3550 configurationconfig t vtp domain...