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My remote site customer has a router that is having an unusually high number of discard packets compared to other Internet routers with much higher utilization. Their engineers are thinking that this is due to the fact that they have a 10 Gig networ...

rlortiz by Level 1
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I am replacing some 4908G L3 switches with some 3750G L3 switches and am having a problem with the bridge protocol command. On the 4908s I have the following commands… bridge 1 protocol ieee bridge 1 route ip bridge 1 priority 100However on ...

j-griffin by Level 1
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Hi I have a query re QoS settings on a 3560 switch. The switch has PCs and VOIP phones attached.The 3560 is configured with what is a basically an AutoQos config. The dscp mappings, queue thresholds etc are all there in the 'sh run'. However, a 'sh m...

PDEdwards by Level 1
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I have a 2801 router which I am using both for NAT/PAT & DHCP. I have searched unsuccessfully for information on what is required to forward lease assignments to a local DNS server to implement dynamic DNS.Any information you can share would be grea...

ocicat002 by Level 1
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Hi,I experience problems with my switch stack of two WS-C3750G-24T-S switches. I had a restart and also from time to time two of the stack ports are down.I changed the IOS to the latest one and also exchanged the power cords and the stack cables, but...

glakovski by Level 1
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Hi, all.Give me informations on access list for NAT.Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4 describes the ip nat inside destination command, the ip nat inside source command, and the ip nat outside source command use standerd IP access list for d...

haa33110 by Level 1
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Hi,I have interent customer with diff BW ( 1M, 2M, 3M) and want to policy ingress and egress both either on interface or on vlan. I read that sup1/Sup2 doesnt support egress policy.What is best way to have ingress and egress policy for Sup1/Sup2 base...

PC1, with MAC address 1111.1111.1111, is connected to Switch SW1's Fa0/1 interface. PC2, with MAC Address 2222.2222.2222, is connected to SW1's Fa0/2 interface. PC3, with MAC address 3333.3333.3333, is connected to Switch SW1's Fa0/3 interface. The ...

Hi,I need to upgrade the IOS on an 878 but there's not enough space to hold both images on flash at the same time - what's the best way to go about this? I've read somewhere that you name the new image the same as the old and overwrite, but I'm not s...

hi all, i am confused with a very basic scenario so kindly guide me, this post will be a bit long so kindly bare it :)i have 3 routers R1, R2, R3 connected via frame-relay network in hub n spoke topology. R1 is the hub, R2,R3 are spokes. Their relati...

Hi Guys,I'm configuring my router to guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 512K for all traffic leaving E0/0 of R3 with IP Precedence 2.solution I:On R3class-map match-all Pr2 match input-interface Ethernet0/0 match ip precedence 2 policy-map P1 class Pr2...

balsheikh by Level 1
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Hi all, if I have 4 floors say with 200 users on, how would i connect thesesay 5 switches together on each floor? stack them, or connect switches to each other and also all of them to one of the switches ?

Just migrated our DC from EIGRP to OSPF last weekend. We are having apparent issues when anything in the DC has a route change, then the entire OSPF route table refreshes. Is this typical behavior?Our environment running OSPF in our DC (19 devices)...

fatroadie by Level 1
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