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DHCP snooping database

Hi all,I've a question regarding DHCP snooping. If all devices are directly attached to the switch performing the DHCP snooping - is it then still needed to store the DHCP snooping table somewhere on a TFTP server or even flash (ip dhcp snooping data...

ACE load balancing of SSH

I need to be able to load balance SSH connections from a single external IP address of our ACE module to any number of servers. I can't modify the SSH servers to make their encryption keys match, but I need to get around the problem of the key for t...

3750 cross-stack Channel Group mode

I have 4 sets of stacked 3750 switches (3 members each), 3 of the stacks connect to the 4th stack in a star pattern via an "cross-stacked Etherchannel" with 3 ports each. Each of the 3 ports goes to a separate stack member at both ends. IOS 12.2(25) ...

Cable type

Hi guys, I have a serial interface on 7206 and want to connect with to a CSU/DSU which has a RJ.45 male.I need to know what cable to use.I tried using V.35 male DTE cisco cable but doesn't work.Need something that will terminate to female RJ.4...

mallu by Beginner
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Resolved! One way Ping issue

I am having some trouble with the ping command on a 2950 switch. I have 2 laptops, IP and .5 connected to ports 2 and 3 on the switch. The switch is and is connected via port 1 to a 3500 series router, IP I can p...

KPaliwoda by Beginner
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Changing Network Class

Hi All Sorry for my lack of knowledge re IOS. I do know that this is wrong and wondering how to change it router ospf 1 log-adjacency-changes network area 0 network area 29 network are...

Resolved! Static ARP entry

Hey all,A customer has a network that looks like the attached diagram. Their Sidewinder firewalls are set up in active-active mode for load-balancing and redundancy. On the Inside router's config, I noticed this line:arp 00XX.b3XX.bcXX AR...

3548 IP address not responding

Hi All,Have a number of 3548's. In the last 3 Months have had up to 8 of them stop responding to Ping. All LAyer 2 Functions and device connected to the 3548 still work.The Managment address is default Vlan 1, no other Vlans on the Box. No corolation...

3750 BGP

Hi, We have a customer using a 3560 switch with BGP, but they claim it can only hold 11.000 BGP routes, and they need more.I am trying to find out if the 3750 is better suited for this job, but i cannot find the supported number of BGP routes.Does an...

koksm by Beginner
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Can you stack 2960 Switch?

My question is can I stack two or more 2960 switches, master/slave design and be able to manage them both using the CMS technology or not. I don't quite understand the SFP, Small Form-Factor Pluggable, and the 2960 uplink ports. It appears as thoug...

Trace route question

I do not understand what's happening at hop 1 and 4 on the trace results below, looks like the packet is bouncing between the two interfaces, can someone explain? TIAType escape sequence to abort.Tracing the route to cisco.com ( 1 172...

Time transition for Giga Ethernet and Mux

Hi,we are inter connecting 2 sites using ADVA MUX. One of the benefits of ADVA Solution is to have an automatic mecanism to switch from one way to another in less than 50 ms.In the pdf file you can see our configuration.We made the test where we brok...

gbusson by Beginner
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