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Recommendation for Router

HiWhat router would you recommend for the following setup/change1 existing network that must be split into 4 new subnets Routers must be configured with static routes with 1 smart router (5 routers in total)Uplink: 1Gig fibre optic cable with LX conn...

Resolved! Outbound rating based on application type

What is an ideal way to route outbound traffic based on the type? For example, if our router has two Internet links, how could we route HTTP/FTP, etc, for the desktops out G0/0, and all other traffic (servers, static NATs) through G0/1?

tonycody by Beginner
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Hotel IPTV with IGMP snooping problem

In a hotel IPTV environment we have video servers and setop boxes as streaming clients. The network is build with catalyst 4506 (central switch) and catalyst 3560 (edge switches). All components are igmpv2 speaker, on the switches is igmp snooping en...

jehanke by Beginner
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password recovery sequence key

I've got a 1721 router which I'd like to get to the rommon prompt. My question is how do I do that from the enable prompt. I have windows XP system and HP platform. But Ctrl-Pause sequense key do not work. What sequense is good with my platform. Than...

Resolved! Multicast - Distance-preferred lookups

Hello,I am trying to understand a concept regarding RPF checks. According to http://cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk828/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094b55.shtml--------Cisco IOS? calculates the RPF interface in this way. Possible sources of RPF informatio...

switchport mode access

Hello I need little help, becouse I don t understand when I configure port security on switch, do I need to use switchport mode access and then switchport port-security something or I can use just 2 line,when I should use first line thx

Logging snmp linkdown/linkup 3750's

I must be having a brain sludge day.Senario2 x 3570's (stackmembers) at location A2 x 3570's (stackmembers) at location Bthey are connected via 2 trunks in a etherchannel group.The question is for command snmp [authentication |coldstart | linkdown |l...

Resolved! Catalyst 2960

HiIs a Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 + 2T/SFP LAN Base Image a layer 2 switch. Does it have layer 3 routing capabilities like the 3560?Many thanks

karlhall by Beginner
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Cat 500 SQL Performance Issues

This is a weird one. I have three switches:1. Catalyst 2950 (100 meg with 1000Base-SX uplinks)2. Catalyst 500 (100 meg with 1000Base-SX SFPs)3. Catalyst 500 (gigabit)Switches 1 & 2 are uplinked via 1000Base-SX, switches 2 & 3 are uplinked via 1000Bas...

Saving Running Configuration on Cisco Switch

On a Cisco switch is the command :-copy running-config startup-configavailable, as on a router ?I recall reading that on changing the running config on a 2950 or 1900 Catalyst switch, it is written immediately to NVRAM, so the above command is NOT av...

rossua994 by Beginner
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router on a stick and NAT

I configured "router on a stick" and NAT on a 2621 router using a DSL connection for Internet access. My hardware equipment and configurations are attached.Host A or B can ping their own gateways and each other's gateways. However, host A cannot ping...

wenyuantu by Beginner
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4500 blade comparison

Guys, I need to get a good blade with least oversubscription and am debating between WS-X4306-GB vs. WS-X4506-GB-TI don't need the POE features or the copper capability out of the blade (just need GBIC connections)Can someone tell me if the 4506 has ...

ciscors by Beginner
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