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i have a question about service policy.the topology is pix---3550---l2_sw---clientsi want to use service policy to limit the rate to 6Mbps. the following is my configuration. however, i can not verify it via the command "show policy-map interface"the...

document reference:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk648/tk362/technologies_configuration_example09186a0080094e90.shtmlThis document show's two HSRP group's configured to provide load sharing... My question is related why the lowest group need the pr...

Good afternoon,I once found a document on how to configure HSRP for VLAN's going across four (4) 65xx's. We have about 4 VLAN's that span these 65xx's. We are implementing a WAN core containing two (2) 6506E's that will have a 10 gb connection to e...

dholder by Level 1
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When I do a show access-list on my 6509 I have the following entries:deny x.x.x.x , wildcard bits x.x.x.x (6 matches) check=4219I know the matches info is provided when you put the 'log' entry in the config. But under some of the standard acl, it ...

Hello,I have setup HSRP on the two 6500's with one vlan primary on SiteA and one vlan primary on SiteB. I stick a laptop on one vlan on SiteA and stick another on SiteB's vlan. The two laptops ping each other fine and can see each other via OSPF rout...

Hi, I've noticed interfaces bouncing for just a few seconds. I can only see 5 crc and 5 input errors. Would this be enough for inteface to bounce?Has anyone seen something like this? Bounce for just a few seconds? Dec 11 12:58:13.312: %LINEPROTO-5-UP...

muca by Level 3
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hello!i have to read a document include explanation regarding ip multicast-helper mapmany 10xs

alsayed by Level 1
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I suspect our 3560 is running out of gas, but am having trouble finding any specific references.I would like to see how my current TCAM usage compares to the limits using the "routing" SDM template.Specifically, I seem to be having issues with unicas...

b225ccc47 by Level 1
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I am unable to get switch's in a stack. I have upgraded the IOS on each switch individually I have tried rebooting erasing the config and all.Switch 2,3,4, come up as provisioned with quad 4 0000.0000.0000.0000 mac address's Does any one have any ide...

salmodov by Level 1
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I have a very small gigabit network with lots of video traffic (with uncontrolled switches).I want to buy a Catalyst 2960 8 port Gigabit switch to speed up my network.And in addition i want to buy a file-server with two 2-ports network cards to conne...

Hey guys, I have an access list which is applied to the outside interface. There are 2 lines, however that I think they might be doing the same thing and I want to know if I can get rid of one. They both get hits though when I do a "sh access-list 11...

insccisco by Level 1
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Hi all, I am really puzzled by this problem. I have 2 switches, the first one is a C3500/24 and the second one is a C3560/48. I trunked ports 24 of the C3500 switch with port 48 of the C3560 switch. I created 4 VLANs on the C3560 switch, domain na...

skhirbash by Level 1
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