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Resolved! LAN QoS question

Hello all...wondering if someone can point me to a good link where I can confirm that certain hardware and IOS combinations will support QoS? In particular, the following:cisco 3750 w/IOS c3750-ipservices-mz.122-25.SECcisco 3550 w/IOS c3550-ipservic...

SSH version warning!

Now that I have Cat4006 Switch - SSH version 8.4.11.GLX-K9, when I connect with the SSH clent, it keeps giving me a warning that the switch is using SSH1 which has many issues with it. How do I ensure I am using the right SSH and how can I get the Sw...

londint by Beginner
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Show diags link-flap

On the 2950 and 3500 series switches you can use the show diags link-flap command to see if a link has been flapping.Is there a similar command on either the 3560 or 4507 to view the same statistics?

simpsoro2 by Beginner
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High availability issues with Cat6k Sup1a

Hello people,Currently we're seeing problems with one of our 6500 switches. Last night the CatOS was upgraded from CatOS 6.3.5 to 7.4.3.The switch has been running in the state with the supervisor in slot1 as standby and the supervisor in slot2 as Ac...

Problems accessing Internal websites

HELP - PLEASEI cannot access any internal websites but can access external sites. Has anyone seen this type of problem before. Routing is correct and dns is resolving but no connection to internal websites. If you've seen before this please help.

inter-vlan routing troubles drving me crazy!!!

I'm reposting this because I inadvertantly marked my question as solved, but it isn't. I still can't get inter-vlan routing going on my 3750 ip-base switch. The 3750 has two VLANs, each linking to its own 2950. I just want vlan 1 hosts on one 2950 t...

matt_heff by Beginner
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Resolved! ip default-gateway

Hi Expert'sthe ip default-gateway on the access switch should be the ip of the mangment Vlan or the ip of the SVI ?10XS

alsayed by Beginner
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bgp active routes from neighbor

Suggest me please how I can see number of active routes recieved from some bgp neighbor? Like juniper system that show number of recieved prefixes and number of prefixes from this neighbor that are installed in routing table.

_TDHster_ by Beginner
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