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arp cache

In the attached picture.ARP entries for the Internet are stored only on core layer, not on the Router.Router has a configuration for access Internet that NAT and default gateway.And routing for internet on core switches is default gateway as well.Som...

wingu by Beginner
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Cat6506 sess 15 username forgotten...help!

so i configured a 6506 switch and am all set with that.then, i proceeded to configure sess 15, the msfc2 layer 3 routing.I put a local console password and a vty line password and now everytime I try to console into the sess 15, it's asking for a use...

vgoradia by Beginner
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IOS Emulator

I will be doing some extensive air travel to a remote site and when I get there will need to configure some switches and routers. Does anyone know of an emulator I can run on my laptop to take advantage of time in the air where I can "pre-configure"...

Resolved! How do I set up ether-channel between 4507s

This should be simple, but it's not.I have three 4507s; one is an edge, and the other two are core switch/routers. I want two cables going from the edge ( on separate blades) to trunk to each of the core 4507s. This would mean four wires leaving th...

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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High CPU load ona 4510

We have five Catalyst 4510R switches in our core network. We run multi-area OSPF in the network. The OSPF root router (maybe not the right term but you get the picture) is working really hard, the CPU reaches 80 ? 90 % at times.It is the following pr...

Catalyst 2924M-XL all flashing amber on bootup

This is probably a simple/stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer in the reference materials. I have a Catalyst 2924M-XL-A (2U, 24 port, 10/100, with the two big slots in front). When I power it up, all the LED's (ports, SYSTEM, RPS, 1...

beekerc by Beginner
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Cisco 3640 Router IOS Recovery

Hello all,I upgraded a 3640 router IOS, but when I rebooted the router, it could not load the IOS and goes to Rom Monitor command. I already saved the old IOS on the TFTP server. Is there some one who knows how to restore the old IOS from the TFTP se...