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We lately migrated our Lan with state of the art switches. 4507 CORES, 3750 DISTRIBUTION,2960G ACCESS. we used vlans which worked perfectly but vlans couldn't see each other till i enabled the ip routing. now i can't offer remote assistance except fo...

First, I'm not Bilingual so excuse my English. Dear Sirs, Does C2611XM support NM-1FE2W ?Cisco Ethernet/Token Ring Mixed Media Network ModulesTable 5. 10/100 LAN/WAN combo Network Modules (NM-1FE2W, NM-2FE2W, NM-1FE1R2W, and NM-2W) platforms supporte...

I have a few Cisco 3825s that I am not able to configure for BGP. They are currently running IOS version 12.4. I am a bit confused as to why they are not accepting BGP. It says protocol not in image. Please help!

I have a 5505 with SUP3 and 24 10/100 blade , FE-TX blade and gigabit uplink module.The best throughput I get is 45Mbits/s in the same blade. It traffic goes through the uplink module throughput drops to 25Mbits/s. Is it normal? I have two unit and t...

perisse by Level 1
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We have a 6509 w/ Sup720 IOS and a WS-X6708-10GE. We notice that we receive large amounts of giants on this interface. Is this normal and should we be concerned, any suggestions? Thx!SW-CA-DC-D2#sh int t1/7TenGigabitEthernet1/7 is up, line protocol i...

jcmattos1 by Level 1
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Hello, I want to use the ASA as a router between 2 networks.Outside with the ADSL router in and my inside network in two IP allocated to the ASA are outside and inside.I've to configur...

What would be the reasons for not be able to conntect to the PDM software on a Pix 501? I have a laptop directly plugged into one of the ports and using the following command using IE7 browser: is the "gateway" address that I rece...

I have attached a pdf file of our current network diagram and a proposed network upgrade layout. We currently have a site with less than 50 workstations, a few servers and networked printers that are all hanging off of 2950T switches and all on the s...

I have a question regarding choice of Layer-3 devices on a mid-size network. This network averages about 1200 client machines and there are 100 servers.Which is a better choice for core and distribution-layer routing? Should I go with four Catalyst...

IOS Firewall logging mechanism is only displaying firewalling messages even though all logging is enabled. How do you turn on regular IOS router logging, like login, interface up/down?