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Dear All, Now I've implemented Cat9300 in my network but I've never done License smart registration process.=================================================================================#sh license allSmart Licensing Status======================Sm...

JoeNaRuTa by Level 1
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I was performing an IOS upgrade when we got hit by a major storm. We had a blackout in the middle of the upgrade and lost power. Now the switch just keeps restarting itself. I have provided below the screen shoot of what is going on: Front-end Microc...

Preferred is dual C9400 at each DC (small, less than 10 servers), but what is risk of having only 1x C9400. there are 2 supervisors board and card can be replaced without shutdown of the switch, so what is the risk of having only one C9400?Of cause i...

cyh by Level 1
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I’m not too much into network. Can C9300 be used as a Core switch in a stretch network? What feature is lost compared to C9400?  https://www.router-switch.com/media/upload/product-pdf/cisco-catalyst-9000-switches-comparison-9200-vs-9300-vs-9400-vs-95...

cyh by Level 1
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Hi I am using cisco 2811 router for my lab it was working last night perfectly . morning time I just start my router and its not showing any thing on terminal window. no keys working even all fans working continously but no any fan is down on that ti...

fasi25300 by Level 1
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hi all,i know how to add a port channel to a switchconfigint range gix/x/x-xchannel-group 1 mode auto OR activeint po1switchport mode trunkswitchport trunk allowed vlan add OR remove <ID> but how do i add a int port to it, is it likeint xchannel-grou...

Hello,  Please, I need help with loading an iOS image on a Catalyst 3650 switch with missing boot image. 1. I have tried to boot from USB: it seems as if it's going through but eventually fails. It just keeps going through a tiring reboot loop proces...


Let's say we have 100mbps ethernet link, if we give video traffic 20mbps and we give 40mbps for FTP traffic. Does it mean we are only using 20mbps of that 100mbps link when video traffic is being transfered across that link? Is the remaining 80mbps o...

Yura-Mi by Level 1
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We have problem in Nexus 3064PQ 10GX,  2021 Sep 11 04:50:03 NX-MMR-LDP3 Sep 11 04:38:20 %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [701137.055200] clk_flush: Couldn't Clear Bus, Attempt 2 of 5 - kernel2021 Sep 11 04:50:03 NX-MMR-LDP3 Sep 11 04:38:20 %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [70...

nanang by Level 1
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