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how can i filter the inter-vlan routing on a layer 3 switch? i want to route between all vlans except for the management vlan (preventing access vlan traffic from getting to the mgmt vlan and vice versa). is this just done with access lists? can som...

matt_heff by Level 1
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I have a bit of a weird problem with two of my CE 500 24 port switches. They are both PoE versions. One switch has 16 phones plugged into it and the other is not being used for phones, only computers and printers. Management VLAN is the same as the ...

I'm reading a cisco doc and it says Performance/Forwarding Rate for the two module:WS-X6416-GBIC is Mpps 32 Gbps 15 Mpps per systemWSX6516-GBIC is 256 Gbps using CEF: Up to 30 Mpps per systemMy questions is: Using 6416 with SUP720, will overall chas...

nawas by Level 4
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I am needing some help with our router.We are software development company and we releasing a new product, so we are sending out and 20,000+emails to notify our current customers. The problem that we are having is that when we perform this activity o...

dlord by Level 1
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Office is needing a major Overhaul...Currently the office is daisy chained together but we moved the Servers to a Rack and now almost all client machines have about 5 hops to the server approximately..the closest 30 have still got 2 hops minimum.The ...

Hi Which IOS version is better for Cisco 3845 route for BGP and HSRP?Thanksben

bma by Level 1
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Hi, i tried login with my CCO login to this site for CatOS to IOS converter http://www.cisco.com/cgi-bin/Support/CatCfgConversion/catcfg_xlat.pl but i couldn't. can some 1 lemme know the reason & come across such thingz.

i config static ARP on switch , when host would like to solve the mac address if ip address match , the switch will return the mac-address instead of the destination host right ?Thanks

I have a 6500 with a WS-X6724-SFP blade in it and IOS 12.2(18)SXE3.I need connect a 3750 switch to one of the SFP ports on the blade. This 3750 switch will have PC's and IP phones connected and will have a data and voice vlan.data vlan = 6voice vlan...

jkeeffe by Level 2
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I am having some problems with a stack of 3750's I have and connecting a voip phone to a port on them. I have the ports set up correctly and I believe the phone but this is the first time I have connected a voip phone to a 3750 stack. Has anyone done...

newbie by Level 1
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Hi, we have the following routes in our load balancer:CSS11501# show ip routes prefix/length next hop if type proto age metric------------------ --------------- ---- ------ -------- ---------- ----------- ...

serafin72 by Level 1
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Hi all, when marking traffic, i know that say if i want to prioritize voice, the phone actually marks the packet itself, if the device does not mark the packet how can i do this ?

Dear Sir, I had a problem on my network. That I had a Cisco device Pix 506 E firewall. This device is connected to my network with Router Cisco 1700 and switch panel 3Com.The Pix 506 E firewall is hang-up always and disconnects all users from the Int...