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need terminology

I didn't believe it until I saw no route or default gateway in the "show run" on a 3750.I have fumbled through search because I don't what the correct terminology is.We have an odd setup and I'm sre that contributes to what I'm seeing.We have a 3750 ...

mikecoles by Beginner
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L2/L3 together

My SOP has been to use L2 for access switches and servers. The servers and switches are directly connected to two 6509. I have been thinking about running L3 to the closet because I would like to have less Spanning-tree dependecy but I would still ha...

tsims by Beginner
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Broadcast forwarding

Hi All,I have previously asked about forwarding broadcasts and i got some answers. However i have a few problems.This is my scenario :I have 3 routers connected like this:Router B---> Router A <--- Router C [ [ [ ...

dukenukem by Beginner
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Dear Sir,We have Cisco 3845 Router.I inserted the WIC-1B-S/T - 1 port isdn bri card to the HWIC Slot.but it it not recognized.Kindly help me to find out the solution.Thanks in advance.regardsnagarajanhyundai motor india

gses by Beginner
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HIas i know devices in the same VLAN can communicate each other regardless the need of a layer 3 device , what do you think the following case ?let s take an ethernet switch S1 with ports P1,...P1 belongs to the vlan 100,I plug an ethernet HUB (with...

Help me with port forwarding please?

Hello all.I have a Cisco 1605r connected to a cable modem to share my internet connection. I am trying to play a flight sim that requires me to forward 2 udp ports (2934 and 2935) to the PC that I am playing the game on. I tried to add what I thought...

how to obtain handon experience

For a person with CCNA, but without handon experience on any cisoc software or hardware, 1.what is the best way to learn handon experience?2.are there any software that imitate cisco network, like virutal lab?any other advice?thanks

Configuring 2 NICs for Load sharing

I have 2 NICs installed in my desktop system. I need to establish a TCP/IP connection through one NIC With a server. At the same time I need to load balance the packets through both the NICs. The above setup incolves coding in Windows. Also the imple...

Assigning VLAN to group of ports

Hi,Is there anyway to assign VLAN into a group of ports in a Catalyst switch?For example, if i want to assign port 1-3 to VLAN admin,vlan 2 name admininterface vlan 2ip address e0/1switchport access vlan 2interface e0/...

Resolved! Desperate In Omaha

My companyhas recently purchased two older 1605 routers. No manuals and no help. I do not have any cisco router experience and am trying to introduce them into the network. I have terra term installed and have run an rj45 connection from the conne...

Implenting L3 routing in small company

I'm looking at installing a 4503 with sup IV for the core of our network. Do the switches where the clinet pcs connect have to be L3 capable as well inorder to achieve benefits of L3 routing. For example could I use the 2950s as the access switches

sunil_ha1 by Beginner
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