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Hii would like to have a loopback Interface on a Cat3750 with L3 SW witch only respond to a ping with DSCP 46 or IPPrec 5. If i use this config it don't work.interface Loopback10 ip address ip access-group QOS-TEST in ip ...

I have two switches, a 3524 and a 2960. Each switch is configured with the same VTP domain, same VTP domain password, etc. When I connect the 2960 to the 3524 via fiber the vlan information doesn't get passed on to the 2960. The gig ports are setu...

almay by Level 1
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I've been away from Cisco routers for a while, and I've spent hours trying to find where this new FastEthernet interface syntax of "fa0/0" came from. Is that "a" the second letter of "Fast", or does it mean "aggregate" or something to do with trunkin...

mshnier by Level 1
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Hello All:I believe this is a very basic question so this is why I chose to post it in this forum.Have a DMZ configured I just noticed while looking through firewall logs that each machine in the DMZ is ocassionally sending a boad...

dj214 by Level 1
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I have 2 3750s - 24 ports 10/100/1000 that came with a 110V power supply unit. The outlet supporting power on these switches is on unprotected power (non-UPS). One option available is to connect the switches to a 208V outlet which is on the Data Cent...

diazed by Level 1
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I have encountered a situation with an installation where a client is using WCCP on a C3640 router to redirect and load balance web requestes to a Squid server farm. The client replaced their PIX 515 firewall with a Juniper SSG550(running ScreenOS 5...

Hi: I try to upgrade the c6509 from catos to ios ,the swicth has crashed nwo getin into rommon,and i try to set boot configuration but the startup is stopped in follow situation:c) of the Commercial Computer Software - RestrictedRights clause at FAR ...

fredpl by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to configure the privilege levels for a bunch of commands to users.So how does this work..If I create 10 commands on Privilege 2 and 10 commands on privilege 2 and 10 commands on privilege 3 and assign them to the various users, what w...

Hi all, if I have a wlan and I want to have different vlans within this, Do I just create vlans on my switches, and then does the wlan controller have ports I can plug into each of these vlans ? and If I wanted to route between them, would I just ena...