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We have one GigEth and we configure many vlan initerfaces using this. when we allow a new vlan, other vlans allowed get disconnected for some seconds....To counter this problem, we put a comma at the end of the following command line and then add new...

I bought a Pix 501, in the configuration, I want to change the default inside interface ip address from to, but each time I get an error, "Interface address is not on same subnet as DHCP pool"So I decide to change the DHCP pool a...

openheart by Beginner
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Am I right in thinking that a dynamic internet connection, with its frequently changing IP Address, is more secure than a static one? Is there any difference at all, in terms of security?

Froix1234 by Beginner
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The flash on my switch houses 2 ios images. The new image is in my new created directory(drwx)and the current image is in the root of flash(-rwx)I want to use the "boot system & reload" command but must my new IOS image be located in the root of the ...

woods8 by Beginner
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I'm working on labs for my CCNA and I'm curious about the stp update time. All the books that I'm reading tell me that STP will be in blocking mode for 20 seconds, listening for 15, and learning for 15, for a total of 50 seconds before ports were for...

Okay, this might seem like a really stupid question but it's got me stumped.What the hell does "line protocol down" mean and how the hell do I fix it? I'm using a Cisco 2500 series router, and it's occuring on serial port 0 on BOTH routers. I've che...

Hi all,Hopefully this will be a nice easy one for you all.I have recently configured and installed an 851 router successfully :) I now only have one issue, the damn thing switches itself off after a period of inactivity!If I want to use it again I h...

gingerstu by Beginner
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I would like to be able to use a port of the network module like a port on the router itself. Specifically, I need to :use the port as a real router port (issue something like "interface fastethernet0/5 no switchport") subneting the interface to acce...

I need to reset password on a 2900 switch. I tried the following 2x and no luck. Not sure why its not working. Any help is appreciated. Thankshttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps628/products_password_recovery09186a0080094184.shtml