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Hi,I have been looking at two Cisco routers for my home/work network. They are the 1811 and the 871 series.My network consists of 1 2K3 SBS (It dose my DHCP, Domain Controller, Wins, and active directory.), 2 Cad stations, 1 Email/web PC, 1 Notebook,...

pattardi by Beginner
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a layer 2 catalyst switch with 24 10/100 port like 2960,1- this guy has 24 mac addresses for each physical layer 2 interfacesand the switch itself has one independent MAC address right?2- if that is right, which MAC address is the visible one to the ...

ohalnet53 by Beginner
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I have 11 units running on XP. I have no problem sharing files except for 1 PC. I've turned off all firewalls. I've done ping tests to and from this PC and there seem to be no problem.Is it possible that my network has limited me to 10 PCs? I barely ...

Froix1234 by Beginner
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I am new to using cisco routers. Currently have 15 dlink routers but I will be receiving 15 837 routers to replace these. Question is Currently I use the dlink routers to assign ip addresses for our lan. this is done by cloning the mac address to ...

alebell by Beginner
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Hi people: I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot a Cisco 575-LRE. I know that a swith LRE would be very useful at troubleshooting these devices, bue such switch type isn't avalaible for me now. I'd like to know some tips for troubleshooting 575-LRE...

Dear All,We have a problem with the GBIC WS-G5486 regarding its connectivity with the fiber cables as explained below:The problem simply is that the link distance is less than 1 Km, and the Fiber Optic cable is single-mode, i'm installing the GBIC bo...

The stats below show a large amount of input errors on an interface. Cisco's definition below is not very specific and most of the defined causes can be discounted as they have 0 counts in the stats. To help track this down please could you advise on...

sburrow by Beginner
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We have a new internal network setup, with a few ip addresses assigned by our ISP.Behind our Cisco 2800, we have a few webservers for which I have designated static NAT rules.My question is, we also set up one dynamic nat rule for inside to outside w...

Resolved! Network won't work

I have a problem networking. Hope you can help me.Here's what I have,11 units running on Windows XP1 unit (w/c I will call PC 1)1 D-Link DES-1024d 24 port 10/100 ethernet switchI've done ping tests and the results are baffling.All units can ping PC 1...

Froix1234 by Beginner
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Hi all,My apologies if this is the wrong place topost thisI was working on a Cisco 1720 router and it was in conf-reg mode 0x2142, i went into rommon and typed in 0x2120, instead of 0x2102Now the cisco does not boot, or allowme to ctrl - breakAnyone ...

Hi,I can't install my router. Can anyone help me.I have a DSL internet connection(Dynamic, Zyxel Prestige 600 series modem) and I have a Linksys Cable/DSL Router (BEFSR41).I have no problem with internet access.

Froix1234 by Beginner
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