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Sir,My cpu utility on C4k is always high even with any configuration and connection. After I remove a 4232 module, everything is ok. Please help me identity the problem.Thank you very much!Regards,Sha, Haijiang===================================Conso...

shahaij by Level 1
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Dear AllI have two small networks running on seperate subnets, we have been given a Cisco C2600 and I am trying to get both networks to work together.The only problem is our main network has a gateway already inplace that we must use for internet/etc...

Could someone tell me if the following configuration will work?Gigabit Fiber NIC card in server connecting to a Gigabit Switch (Cisco Catalyst-6513 w/ WS-X6516-GBIC module) which connects to the primary 10/100 Switch.Thanks.

Hi all, at the company I work for we have a 2900 connected to a 4006 access switch. There uplinks between the switches are 2 fiber connections channelized. By using the cdp protocol I can see the 2900 from 4006 and vice versa, including ip informat...

pfizcisco by Level 1
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Q1.Dose cisco 1750 router support IEEE 802.1Q Encapsulation for intervlan communication ?Q2. Can any body will tell me how to connect 4 different network on cisco 1750 router with command please ?Network id are :-( , ,192.168....

Hello guysI was using ping on the 2524 with IOS 12.1 and did NOT get a reply from a serial 0 interface. I check the interface. It was UP and UP. Since I was on a console session, I check ethernet 0 it was up and up. I got a reply from it with ping...

I just received a Cat 4500 with the IOS, not the CatOs. It is currently only performing layer 2 switch only. I set up telnet and found that I could only telnet to the 4500 from a device that was on the same subnet as the 4500. Although this is a g...

jlhainy by Level 2
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I am looking at getting one of these routers to play around with and get used to the cisco ios command line. Is it possible to route between 2 of the rj45 ports on this router or is that not possible on this version?

How do I assign the loopback interface to a vlan other than vlan1? I can do it with a CatOS device for the SC0 but is that functionality available in a 6500 running IOS 12.2?

Hi, I am using CSS11501 to load balance my 2 LDAP server. I am using SUN ONE Directory Server as my LDAP. the 2 LDAP server will be access by SUN ONE Identity server.My Problem is when IdentityServer connect to DirectoryServer, it establish the conn...

I can ping everything from the router, but the machines in 172.16.x.x can only ping as far as; nothing on the internet.Help!version 12.2!service timestamps debug uptimeservice timestamps log uptimeservice password-encryption!hostname Rout...

I have a basic question ,In windows machine we use ping -t IP address command for continous ping until we stop with Ctrl+C, so is there any method in cisco routers to use the Ping command for infinity until we stop manuallay.