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Hi I'm attempting an ether channel config, and I' sure I've implemented it correctly, but when I check "sh port-channel 10" I get no operational members": sw1# sh int port-channel 10 port-channel10 is down (No operational members) admin state is up, ...

TroyBolton by Beginner
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Hello, I need to know what is the difference between PWR-C5-125WAC and PWR-C6-125WAC? I saw that the PWR-C6-125WAC is supported from Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.11.1, but only this. There is anything more? https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches...

aldomlmelo by Beginner
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Hey there folks, A few weeks ago I started getting this weird msg on my Mac saying that my computer name was already in use. What I didn't realize at that time is that this was impacting all my Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad and HomePod). I am usin...

m4mazzotti by Beginner
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Hello Guys,  My ssh stops working. I connect with IP is ask for credentials and accept it without any error. After that i type enable and press enter, it shows error message % Error in authentication.   attached is my config of switch:   Switch(confi...

ITexpert by Participant
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                   Hi Everyone,I have configured DHCP snooping on switch.Switch act as DHCP server.IT works fine no issues when i connect any PC  ot laptop.But on same PC  when i use to connect to VPN  it gives error in switch logsAug 11 09:09:29.135...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Got a very odd/funny one here.2 x Cisco 9200L switches with network essentials DNA.All OK until I want to add a couple of Cisco pre-made SFP links.I always add the following commands:Switch(config)#no errdisable cause detect gbic-invalid Switch(confi...

Hi,I'm trying to configure DHCP snooping with IP Source Guard.My topology (attached ) contained 3 Switches , where I created 2 VLANs 100 and 200.the network wroks fine I can reach pc on the same VLAN from an AS-1 to AS-2, However when I enable "IP So...

medharrak by Beginner
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Resolved! C9300 Stack Issue

Good morning I have questions about the Cisco 9300 Stack.Each switch uses a single 350W power.We connected the stack cables to the stack power cables.As a result, we have confirmed that only the master switch has ports enabled and the member switch d...