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Resolved! err-disable

Hello,I have a cisco 2960 plus series switch and an SFP module. When I plug SFP in port the port goes in err-disable. After a shut, no shut the port's LED blink for once and it goes down again and the following message appears on the terminal.  %GBIC...

Resolved! Port channel Setup

Hi All, Is there a method to add an additional ten gig link to an in-production 10 gig link to form a port channel. The catch here is that the 10 gig in-production link is a routed port having a L3 ip and the other end too is routed port and both the...

arp but no ping on a subinterface. shut/no shut fixes the problem for some time, then it gets stuck again

Hey guys,  I have this weird problem: I have two VLANs coming from the same port of the same device. One VLAN periodically becomes unreachable, no ping. If i do shut/no shut on the switch, that fixes the problem. After  a few days, it pops up again. ...

3850 VLANs and Switchports not coming up

I am trying to replace a 3750 Switch with a 3850 Switch.  When I attempt to insert the 3850 into production, none of the VLAN interfaces, port-channels or switchports will come up. ???They are not shutdown, and I feel like I've missed a global config...

rvenable by Beginner
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Priority queue on 2960-X

I have read so much stuff in recent days about the priority queue trying to understand something simple, but I just can't find the answer... Either I can't find it, I didn't see it, or I don't understand it. I figured some expert here can just answer...

brettp by Beginner
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Cisco 9500 switch

Hi All,I have 4 C9500-48Y4C switches in two different locations.  I am using the stackwise cable to stack two switches in each location but can I use Fiber connections to join the two locations to make one logical core using the four switches.   Than...

Problems WS-C4503-E %C4K_EBM-4-HOSTFLAPPING:

Hi good day, I have a problem with SW WS-C4503-E, send these messages in the logs;% C4K_EBM-4-HOSTFLAPPING: Host 55: 32: D1: 00: K8: X8 in vlan 100 is moving from port Gi1 / 1 to port Po1It is a constant message, I verify it in the documentation and ...

Jhon1989 by Beginner
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Hi cisco gurus!I had an issue with my cisco 4900m, after firmware upgrade. Finally I could reboot the switch using cat4500e-ipbasek9-mz.152-4.E8.binThe thing is : How should I do the upgrade and also what is this file for? Should I also copy for the ...

soporteca by Beginner
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sw 3750 port 10Mbps

hola, tengo un switch cisco 3750 que el puerto 1/0/9 funciona en 10Mbps cuando aumento a 100Mbps no funciona, que puede ser el problema? ya borre la configuracion del switch y sigue con el mismo problema. desde ya gracias por la ayuda. Fredy Caceres

3650 %PLATFORM-4-ELEMENT_WARNING:Switch 1 R0/0: smand: 1/RP/0: 5-Minute Load Average value 5.01 exceeds warning level 5.00

Come across this platform alert on a 3650 switch, at the moment not able to find any bugs relating to this issue on this switch model - found bugs for the same issues on other cisco device   my guess would be a simple reload   Dec 10 12:43:45: %PLATF...