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So, got a brand-spankin' new Catalyst 9300.  Racked it up, connected to console port with PuTTY, booted the switch.  Went through the basic configuration script.  When it was done, I tried to enter enable mode and found I couldn't - evidently, I fat-...

Hi, I am doing routing on layer 3 my dhcp is on router from that i want to get dhcp on pc which are on different vlani Have created svi on switch1 vlan 10 and added ip helper vlan 20 and added ip helper ...

Resolved! DHCP and ACL

Dear everyone,I'm trying to configure a named extended ACL to deny one host access to a DHCP server while permitting another host access. Both of them are on the same Vlan and I've realized that you can use as a source IP to deny access to th...

Hi network gurus,            I have a hard time to determine which part cable is broken at below. Do both short and open mean that we have cable issue from patch panel to the Ethernet port on the wall (the cable run inside the wall/ceiling), and the ...

PolarPanda by Beginner
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Hello,We have a Catalyst 9400 that appeared to simply cease operating the other day. We had to reload it to restore it to service. We managed to get this message out of it in the logs - Nov 23 17:17:49.532: %FED_L3M_ERRMSG-3-RSRC_ERR: F0/0: fed: Fail...

zachartl by Beginner
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Two C9800-40I'm trying to redundancy. If the port on the switch to which the active unit is connected is shut down, it is normal for a failover to occur and a standby to occur. But it goes into the removed state as if the rp was cut off and stops wor...

JJJHL by Beginner
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