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B200 M5 Equipment Stopped During Boot.

안녕. 이임박사 UCS B200 M5의 증상. OS 재설치를 위해서는 네트워크 부팅 과정이 필요합니다. 다만, 재부팅 후 부팅시 LSI MegaRAID 상태창이 나타나고 이후에는 커서만 깜빡일 뿐 바이오스 진입 화면은 뜨지 않는다.   HA-0 Cisco FlexStorage 12G SAS 4.250.01-5047   1 호스트 어댑터에서 발견된 Virtual Drie BIOS에서 처리하는 가상 드라이브 1개   <Ctrl><R>을 눌러 Meg...

UCS 6248UP Inoperable

Hello,I have a problem on a UCS6248UP on which we have no more support.Following a power failure, I have the Fabric Interconnect A which has an overall Status: Inoperable. The lights are orange and all the connections to the various equipment are cut...

maxencer by Beginner
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Resolved! UCS C460 M4 NVMe Boot

Hi,I have an C460 M4 without raid controller, it just booted from SD-Card. I added an NVMe PCIe (Intel P3500 800GB NVMe SFF SSD SSDPE2MX800G4J)  in bay 5 it recognizes by the BIOS and operating system on the SD-Card, but I cannot boot from the NVMe:A...

rbohne by Beginner
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Script required to get wwpn and OperState,AssocState,AssignState

Hi,I am looking for a script to get the wwpn, overall state, assigned, associated state of all the servers in UCSM.I can run one script for wwpn and another script for overall state, assigned, associated state. But when I try to combine both, it does...


Hello guys  I need your support urgently i'm new user in ucsm i have add static ip for the servers through equipment-inventory-cimc - modify outpand ip and add static ip for each server    Now i need to delete those static ip becase i have confiugred...

Amr samy by Beginner
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