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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Hi Community,i have a question about a warning that appears on my system.A colleague accidentally put a blade in the wrong slot. Then removed again and correctly sorted. But now I have the problem that I see a warning from a slot in which there is no...

Issue: After upgraded HX to matrix 4.5(2a), ESXi loose access to storage but HX storage connected & ruining VMs working normal beside HX stCtlVM vm on that host. stCtlVM goes down for that host Setup: All flash M4 nodes - upgraded from matrix 4.0(2d)...

I'm migrating some VMs from older Cisco C-Series servers running ESXi 5.1 to a pair of new BE7000M (M5) servers running ESXi 7.0.  Downloading the VMs to my PC went at normal, expected speeds.  The PC is wired and I have verified that everything in t...