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Hello, I would like to set up a VPN to allow employees nomad that connect to our network from outside. Our router is a Cisco SA520 I tried different configurations without success ... Here is the current VPN configuration: I created my users IPSec, ...

Hello Everyone,I have VPN Router (3845) in Head Office and VPN Router (1921) at Branch Office. I have also internet router (1921) which passes through ASA 5520 to internal Network at Head Office.I can give internet connectivity to Head Office Users b...

Hi!I have a branch office connected to the Head Office through a VPN Tunnel in cisco 1841 Router. If i enable Internet for any pc in Branch Office through cisco router i cannot access it remotely from Head Office.Any Suggestions?Thanks.Branch Router ...

Running AnyConnect Mobility Client v 3.1.  Installs and works fine on win 8, and the SBL module installed as well, but not seeing an SBL option when I log onto the computer like you do with windows 7?

The tunnel connection is establishing correctly but when i change the priority in he hsrp configuration of my gig 0.1 interface to be the active on this router the cellular 0/0/0 interface goes down, by the way this is going to be my redundancy.This ...

dtristang by Level 1
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Hi there,I am in desperate need of some help setting up a DMVPN between two routers a 3811 and 2611. I have managed to get a basic config to have connectivity to the web and started on setting up the GRE tunnel however the tunnels well not connect. I...

Cocobunji by Level 1
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I have about 20 users, 17 connection profiles and 15 group policies.How do I find out:- In the last 60 days, what username transfer the most traffic ?- In the last 20 days, what username use the most login time ?- In the last 40 days, what connection...

Khoa Pham by Level 1
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Hello, all. Please help with my problem: I have remote office with ASA5505 and central office. I configured ipsec tunnel between it. Next step I route all traffice from remote office to the tunnel (this is done to ensure that remote users have access...

Roman-spb by Level 1
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HelloWe have 2 different sites at our company who are connected with a VPN trough ASA's. We want to setup DHCPRelay from one site to another but this is not working. I used this document as guideline https://supportforums.cisco.com/community/netpro/s...

Hi Floks,I would like to know whether anybody aware on why this error is happening in my 3.0 Anyconnect VPN client. This error is present when the client is working properly, and also when we have issues connecting. I am not finding any cisco syslog ...

Hello,I am using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client v2.3.0254 and ever since i upgraded my laptop from the Lenovo T420 to the Lenovo T430 the time it takes to connect via VPN has increased drastically. Connecting via VPN on my Lenovo T420 would take as litt...

Hi all,We have VTI tunnels between Cisco (3825 and 878) and Juniper (SRX3600).Sometimes tunnel is going down and I should manualy shutdown and no shutdown tunnel interface to bring it up.This is logs from Cisco:%%crypto-4-recvd_pkt_inv_spi: decaps: r...