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Resolved! Cisco Anyconnect license sizing : 300 users , 4 ASAs (2x2 Active/Standby Setup)

Hello,I have a question regarding the number of Anyconnect licenses required for the following scenario:I have 4 ASA 5525-X chassis, each 2 are configured as active/standby HA setup on 2 different sites.I'm willing to buy "Anyconnect Plus" licenses f...

Firepower doesn't accept ipsec connections

Hi! What I need to configure on Firepower 1010 to accept IPSec connections? What happens now: SiteA - FP1010, SiteB - pfSense. When I try to init ipsec from SiteB to SiteA FP1010 doesn't accept isakmp packets:09:26:49.677339 IP B.B.B.B.500 > A.A.A.A....

Unable to SSH into Remote FTD Appliance

Recently, we installed a new FTD external to our main location at a remote site. We were successfully able to add the appliance into the FMC, but we cannot SSH to the console. I have ensured that our public ip is whitelisted in the platform settings....

Scott_22 by Beginner
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Anyconnect troughput?

Hi out thereI got a question which I cannot find an answer to - it sounds simple - what "troughput" can I expect trough a AnyConnect VPN tunnel?I digged into it to verify - we are running a Cisco ASA 9.12 on a FPR-2120 chassis. It is uplinked with a ...

tiwang by Participant
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Aggressive mode in crypto isakmp profile

Hi TeamI'm helpless. We moved the hardware from typ c3925/ IOS 15.7 to isr4451X/ 16.6.6 or 16.6.8. With the c3925 is running the ipsec to central nodes, with the new hardware doesn't work. The certificates are up to date and runs in the entire networ...

konzoom by Beginner
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Resolved! DMVPN - Replacing the primary hub

I have a DMVPN with two hubs and 60 or so spokes. When I bring up a new spoke I pull a certificate from the primary hub. I'd like to replace the primary hub with a newer model router. If I replace the main hub - will I have to go to each spoke and pu...


Dear All ,  I have 2 ASA's one with static IP one with dynamic.I want to create a S2S VPN , I use the EasyVPN on the one ASA to connect as a remote client ( in network extension mode) I took all steps , the 2 ASAs negotiate properly phase 1 and phase...

How best to disable GETVPN

Hi,   Been a long time since I've posted on here, but new to GETVPN, been asked to diabled fully without any down time, so looks like all GM have a open fail policy and no local ACLs.   what would you good people suggest as good way to allow traffic ...

ktwaddell by Beginner
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Resolved! Assign different group policies to AnyConnect users authenticating via Active directory radius

Hello. I am setting up a Remote Access VPN that users will authenticate using a Radius Server group via Active Directory, the requirement is that i want to have a group of users that when authenticated they should be assigned a particular Group-Polic...

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