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Hi,I am attempting to set up a site-to-site VPN on a cisco 877 which is connecting to an ISA Server.It fails on Phase 2 with the following error:000320: *Apr 21 12:11:07.028 PCTime: IPSEC(validate_proposal_request): proposalpart #1,  (key eng. msg.) ...

I have a cisco 5520 firewall pair that is being used as a VPN gateway (for remote VPN users) and as Internet Edge firewall (to provide outbound internet connectivity).We are enabling NAC for remote VPN users. I will be deploying it inband with layer ...

smhussain by Level 1
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We have an Enterprise CA set up in our organisation and a Cisco 5550 ASA that is going to be used for VPN users. The ASA has the CA certificate installed, an indentity certificate issued by the CA and is retrieving the CRL from the CA. The ASA authen...

tobin_jim by Level 1
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Please forgive me as I am not all that familiar with the AnyConnect client.I have a client who uses this software to connect to a vendors site and then run a remote desktop for one specific application.  On the pc where the software is installed, the...

HelloRecently the  company where I work received a Cisco router, and am trying to configure  the various Cisco VPN's.Please find attached a drawing of the  current structure of the network.I'm using optical  fiber.Here is the actual configuration:###...

Resolved! VPN Session Types

I'm looking at my ASA logs for VPN connections (%ASA-4-113019 messages). Some of the connections show a session type of "IKE" and others show "IPSecOverNatT". Why would this be? My users are using an IPSec client to connect.Thanks.

snowmizer by Level 1
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Have two 2811 routers with identical configuration,ios, cpu and memory. The routers have onboard VPN version v2.2.0. The AIM VPN modules installed in one router is SSL2 and in the other is EPll-PlusIs it required to have these AIM modules while there...

HelloI've got a 2651xm router acting as an easy VPN server to allow me access onto my network - all works great.I'm living abroad and want to be able to configure the router to allow 'internet on a stick' functionality - by adding a loopback interfac...

Hi,we have a remote office that is connected to our network with a laser brigde, this bridge transport severals vlans as a trunk.One of the laser is now out of service and considerede that they're are really expensive we want to replace this connecti...

acleri by Level 1
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Has anyone setup a cisco anyconnect vpn profile for remote viewing of cardiology images?  I am migrating from a Juniper SSL VPN.  The application in question runs great on the Juniper, but on the Cisco profile when you load a moving image it takes ~3...

Hi,I was wondering when users try to modify a file over the ssl VPN from a share when they click on save is the file realy saved or user has to save to file to desktop and upload the file and replace the current one?Any one using this feature please ...

bmath by Level 1
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