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I have Cisco Pix 515E ver 7.2, below is the configuration i have set to acheive vpn failover even if one ISP fails, but this doesn't work. All it works only if i put in bi-directional irrespective of any 1 IP I have in that. Any suggestion?crypto map...

Hi,im searching for solution to my problem with vpn connection.On one site i have ASA on other site is a dsl line with d-link router and cisco 871 router. Scheme is in attachement.I need to setup site-to-site ipsec VPN between my cisco 871 (ethernet ...

lubosbella by Beginner
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Hi,On ASA 5510, I have enabled terminal monitor and debug crypto ipsec and debug crypto isakmp but it doesnt shows any output for new connection or flapping.RA VPN is not stable, using 3G connection doesnt allow RDP

Dear All,1. We plan to create a Site to site vpn tunnel between another company and our head office. they are having the same Lan network range as ours. both location are being using the same network. Now its not advise to change the IP in any locati...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Hi all, I am trying to get my SSL VPN working on a Windows 7 and Vista PCs, however, I am not having any luck. I can however get it working on my Windows XP machines.I have read a lot about Windows 7's and Vista's incompatibilities with Cisco's SSL V...

voiper_99 by Beginner
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Greetings - I read an article from Cisco on this, but it was a bit confusing. Can I get some clarification? Objective: I'm trying to make it so that when I attach to the "Inside / Private" interface, my administration session is protected by a trus...

abatson by Beginner
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Dear all,I have following devices for my communication rack,- one Cisco ASA 5510 security plus- one Cisco 2811 router- one Cisco 3560G (layer 3) switch- 1 linksys 24 port switchmy scenarioInternet connection (1) is connected with Cisco Router port fa...

junshah22 by Beginner
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OK, this one has me puzzled. It has been a while since I configured a PIX for Client VPN access, so I dont know what I am missing. I have done quite a few ASA setups, no problem, but this PIX one has me stumped.Internal network, VPN po...

Hi,I'm trying to setup a VPN tunnel between two sites using an ASA5510 and a ASA5520.I have successfull VPN establishment but i am unable to transfer packets accross. i want to be able to see the networks sitting behind the f/w LAN's but even the f/w...

Arif . by Beginner
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I have Anyconnect configured and working on an ASA that also houses the DMZ. I can reach the entire network from behind the Anyconnect except for the DMZ. Is there something additional that needs to be configured?I checked to make sure I wasn't NATin...

Brian M by Beginner
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Hello,Since a couple of weeks we have an issue we did not have before. When an IPSEC VPN client is connect to an ASA 5520 after a certain amount of time the user is asked to re-authenticate with the radius server.I have checked the policies etc and c...

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