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Resolved! Router w/ Dynamic L2L Tunnel and VPN Clients

I have a 7200 router currently configured w/ vpn clients. I am attempting to add a dynamic l2l tunnel to it. When I do, I am no longer able to connect using the vpn client. I following the configuration in the following url.http://cisco.com/en/US/tec...

acomiskey by Advocate
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Failover route

I am looking to see if this is possible, not config details yet, with the hardware I have now. I have at the main office 2 T1 connections and a ASA5510 with security+ lic and 6 remote offices with 1 broadband connection and a ASA5505 each. I have no ...

servnj by Beginner
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Resolved! missing systray icon after connecting

After connecting VPN Client on WindowsXP to a security device the VPN-Client window is minimized in the taskbar. At other notebooks I have a systray-icon. How can I changed it to have it in systray too?

isk-admin by Beginner
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Adding a 3rd site to existing 876 VPN routers

Greetings,I have 2 876 routers which connect trough a GRE IPsec tunnel. Also the routers by default use the ISDN port as backup in case the DSL fails.I have 2 questionsa. If a add a 3rd site do i need to configure a separate GRE tunnel/crypto map etc...

ASA webvpn citrix support(8.0+)

Ok, I am somewhat confused after going over some of the quicklearn modules for webvpn. I know that you can enable citrix support by using smart tunnels. However, the module, as well as other documentation implies that citrix can be supported w/o th...

VPN Concentrator OS version

Hi all,Our environment is currently running 4.7.2.B on VPN 3005 concentrators. Does anyone know if this version is still supported by Cisco? I can't seem to find anything about it on the site.Thanks,Mike

msrohman by Beginner
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ASA VPN interruption

On a site to site vpn we have interruptions every 1-3 hour lasting for 5-10 seconds. All applications connecting through this tunnel have to restart.There are two Riverbeds in the VPN path, the MTU size is 1380, the tcp options have been set in the g...

Site to site vpn with nat weirdness

Attempting to setup a site to site vpn between a pix 515e and ASA 5505. The tunnel comes up on both ends but passes no traffic. The nat weirdness is happening on the internet router on the asa side, the serial link to the internet is privately addr...

evoight by Beginner
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SSL VPN - web proxy

Hi,Can the web proxy in between the remote client and SSL vpn box? if not, where do I place the web proxy?BTW, does web proxy support all services?rdgs

anitachoi3 by Beginner
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IPSec and NAT on an ASA

I have been trying real hard to figure this out but now I am wondering if it is possible at all. We have a customer who wants to setup an IPSec vpn tunnel with them to securely transfer files. The configuration is below ...

VPN client issues -IKE errors

I have an two ASA5510 with a Lan2Lan VPN tunnel between them. I recently configured one of the firewall to allow remote clients to also connect using the Cisco VPN client and i am now getting the following error.3 Feb 19 2009 07:41:57 713042 IKE ...

admin_2 by Participant
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