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Hi Guys,Do you have experience with SR520-FE-K9? Would it work fine for IPSEC/GRE/OSPF for internal connectivity and more than one ISP (BGP to be used L3VPN). We are talking about less then 5 users in the remote office, of course.Regards,Mladen

Hi All,I'll shortly be setting up a new L2L VPN between a Checkpoint and an ASA. To cut a long story short, the Checkpoint end is configured to negogiate 'one SA per subnet pair' within it's tunnel management settings. This will have to stay this way...

Hi,Possibly a question for a Checkpoint forum but i can't seem to find too much info plus I do not administer the ChkPt.i have users on a customer site with various versions - mainly 4.7.x but some 5.x which is where i have the problem.Some 4.7.x cli...

m.surtees by Level 1
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Where is the useralert.html file stored. It keeps popping up in my SSL VPN and I can not find where to turn it off. I would prefer the GUI location but CLI is fine also. Thanks in advance.

My understanding is that when configuring phase 1 parameters on the ASA, that depending on how the peers are configured, the ASA will go down the list of isakmp policies until a match is found.Also, that phase 1 and phase 2 do not have to match in th...

We have been tasked with measuring and reporting the amount of time it takes remote workers, who access networks with a cisco VPN client, to open the client and then establish full access to their remote workspaces. Are there any logs on the client m...

How does one interpret the max 10 users limit of the ASA-5505-K9 bundle ? Is this 10 remote ipsec clients ? If you use this device for a site-to-site tunnel, does this limit the max number of concurrent active devices on the remote lan to 10 or does ...

wholemans by Level 1
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Hi In our network we planned to use PIX with two WAN subnets to NAT the inside host to the outside and DMZlike outside : XX.90.225.X /27inside :10.100.21.X /24DMZ : XX.137.1.X /27now all inside host will nat corresponding to the static nat which we ...

Hello everybody,I have a problem about VPN connection. actually, I can connect to my company via VPN but, I cannot reach the resources such as local computers, servers especially domain controller. when I connected with VPN, I am able got my VPN IPs,...

serdar_xp by Level 1
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I just started working as NetAdmin. We have a private network, accessible from remote sites thru a 515 E PIX. Remote customers use Cisco VPN Client v 5.0 to access our net. They have a field in the Authentication Tab, named "Group Authentication", an...

I'm trying build a tunnel between an 877 and VPN 3000. The tunnel appears to com up when I send interesting traffic but I can ping back to HQ.Attached is 877 config and debug crypto isakmp.Any ideas ?

eoinwhite by Level 1
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Hi!We are getting this:IPSEC: Completed outbound permit rule, SPI 0xEE01F27D    Rule ID: 0xCC8CDEE0 IPSEC: No user rule added. No intersection between destination source networks ( and ( IPSEC: Ne...

I manage and deploy many VPN systems running on the Cisco ASA 55XX platforms. I was wondering if there are any tips and tricks including articles that others can share on how to enhance the performance of the VPN tunnels. Many Thanks,Juan

juan-ruiz by Level 1
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Hey there,Maybe someone can also help me with my next problem, I need to limit the bandwidth speed per ips or block of ips, for incoming and outgoing traffic through the asa 5505.any ideas? was thinking of service-policy but was not sure if it limits...

hirasta by Level 1
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