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Resolved! Cisco VPN client and MS RADIUS

We have users currently using a Windows RAS server with IAS authentication with PPTP.I want to move them to a 3005 concentrator (we have two not being used) and use the Cisco VPN client with IPSEC, also using the Windows RADIUS(IAS) for authenticatio...

ASA 5505 VPN lan to lan with dual ISP's

We are looking at using an ASA 5505 with the security plus bundle to support redundant ISP links.My question is how will a VPN lan to lan connection work back to the corporate office (VPN Con 3000) with the ASA 5505 possibly using 2 different Public ...

pking2004 by Beginner
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fail-over/load-balanced VPN?

I work in a company with 1 head office and 2 branch office.We realy depend on the VPN between the offices. So what i want is this:- 2 Internet connections at each location- 2 VPN tunnels over each connection to each location- fail-over/load-balance t...

Site specific issue with specific VPN

I use two seperate VPNs. At a particular site one of them works and the other doesn't, although it works at other sites. This site has an ADSL modem, a router and a 24 port switch. The modem is in bridge mode, the router has nothing enabled in the co...

dsnooks70 by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple virtual-templates using L2TP?

Hi,At the moment I've got one virtual-template bound to a VPDN group. I now have a different service that will require a different virtual-template. How does the VPDN group determine which virtual-template to use? Would it be done using the domain na...

VPN session wont get pass authtication?- help pls.

Hi,We have a contractor who is trying to get to his workplace using VPN from inside our network and having our private IP address assigned to him by our DHCP server.he trys the connection but he doesn't get pass the authntication i.e. "Verfying usern...

2800 Multilink Problem

Hello,We 've got a dial problem with a 2811 branch router (ISDN2) and a 7206 central router (2*ISDN30)Wehn the 2800 dials in no problem.When threshold comes up no problem.But when the second B-channel closed the 2800 doesn't route trafic any more.Rou...

dsb-groep by Beginner
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VPN on Cisco 7606

Can i do VPN?s Tunnels across a ATM subinterface without the card WS-SVC-IPSEC-1 ?I had installed the ios s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-33.SRA1.bin

garridoe1 by Beginner
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Tunnel All IPSEC Traffic

G Day. We're setting up a L2L VPN from a 837 to a ASA5510. The tunnel is working fine however i would like to have all traffic tunnel between the sites. We will have approximately 15 sites when done. I have tried to change the crypto ACL on the route...

IPSEC through Pix Firewall problem

Dear all,Our current Peer-to-peer VPN setup does not pass through the pix firewall. We decided to put the same router (3640) on one of pix dmz interface. The new VPN router has a private address and thus being NATed by pix for the remote peers to c...

nojpt by Beginner
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Cisco VPN on Edgy Ubuntu v6.10

I have a complicated (to me) problem with trying to use Ubuntu 6.10 on our office network.Our IT group set me up with the proprietary Cisco VPN client for Mac OS X for my home machine. This client lets me connect to our secure office network without ...

Panda Antivirus 5.1 and CSA 5.0

Hello,We are suffering an strange behaviour when trying to integrate a Panda AV with Cisco CSA in a host.If we use only the Panda, without the CSA, all seems to work fine. Once we installed the CSA on the same box several problems appeared. The most ...

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