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I have a Cisco 2911 VPN head-end device that is configured for IPSec, pre-shared keys, group authentication with a secret key. Is it possible to use the Cisco AnyConnect client on a Chomebook without L2TP to connect to the head-end VPN device? I don'...

GW M by Level 1
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Hello, We have a requirment to check the posture of our anyconnect users PCs / Laptops. Looking at the options we have without the user of Cisco ISE I see that Cisco HostScan and or Cisco Secure desktop used to be the answer. However, I believe these...

I'm new to working with VPN's and would like to connect to a commercial VPN if possible through IKEv2 on a ISR891 router. Nord VPN provide a certificate file (https://downloads.nordvpn.com/certificates/root.der - from their instructions: https://nord...

leechap by Level 1
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Hello,   I am aware that DMVPN can be configured without IPSEC (DMVPN with multipoint GRE) but not sure whether it will work without Security license on ASR 1001 series router ?   Also I want to know whether "adventerprise" license on ASR 1001 alread...

Hi ,     I have a site to site VPN established on ASA 5545X with different local and remote subnets but now i have to add a similar subnet in the existing tunnel . I did the following configuration but it's not working . Could someone please verify m...

jyadav001 by Level 1
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hi Team, i am unable to connect cisco vpn : getting error "Posture Assessment Failed:Unable to get the available CSD version from the secure gateway"

ciscore by Cisco Employee
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Hi Team, I Have a site to site connect to another site of our office with encryption algorithm  IKE Policy : - Authentication : pre-share - encryption : aes-192 - DH : 2   I have to add a new site to site connection to another site but this time, the...

foued kh by Level 1
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Hi Experts I want to purchase Anyconnect Plus Perpetual lincenses 25 users for 2 ASA 5508-X with firepower service in HA mode 1/ How many L-AC-PLS-P-G/AC-PLS-P-25-S should i purchase One or Two (ie: one for each device) ?   2/ If i purchase One L-A...

AirBorn by Level 1
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Moved from policy vpn to routed vpn. IPsec is up, as well as a EIGRP neighborship, however the routing is down. I am unable to ping the other end of the tunnel. Any insight would be appreciated.   Site 1 - SOHO Nat Router - Internet - SOHO Nat Router...

Hi All,Working on configuring ASA , where the ISP assigned outside IP: and gateway: ASA will act as regular NAT device and L2L tunnel to another location. My question is /32 on outside is good enough tfor doing this con...

fortis123 by Level 1
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