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I've got an ASA 5510 that I'm trying to enable Anyconnect VPN on.  I've gone through the VPN wizard, but I can't get any access to port 443 remotely, therefore I'm not sure what's happening.  I have a series of access rules, but don't have one specif...

Hi!I have a problem with my ASA 5505. It has a sec+ license. I wanna configure the firewall for two active internet links. In the router we can source route two networks and change the next hop based on source network via PBR. I have found the ASA is...

                             I use CISCO VPN CONCENTRATOR 3000 Series Is not work I do lots of troubleshoot but I cannot view the console screen with different terminal software (e.g.-putty, securert) And I changed bound rate also 9600 and 115200 but...

Hello. On a site-to-site VPN that was working fine yesterday... On our end there is a ASA5505. On the other end is a Fortinet appliance. As I said - the tunnel has been fine for months. The other side moved their datacenter to a new location - same I...

SMS Admin by Beginner
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Hello,   I'm trying to set up a VPN that maps all internal subnets to a single private IP for a remote hosted application. I'm on an ASA 5585X running 9.4.(4)16 and need some configuration assistance.   object network AppVendor-Network  host 192.168....

drakow by Beginner
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I'm running a clientless SSL VPN on an ASA 5515, 9.4(2)6.   It requires Java however it seems a number of modern browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge have all disabled Java support / plugins. As a result the SSL VPN is no longer working when users try to ...

fghfghfh by Beginner
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Hi   we have several anyconnect User in Greece and a ASA in austria. With the biggest ISP in Greece, called OTE, anyconnect connection to ASA in austira are not working. We tried it also with ISP vodafone in Greece and had no problems. So it seems th...

wess by Beginner
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AnyConnect has been upgrade to 4.2.0135. The users authenticate using RSA SecureID tokens. After the upgrade, a fresh installation of the new AnyConnect client does not present the correct prompts, but an upgraded client does present the correct prom...

Hello,   We use the AnyConnect VPN for our Corperate users which have access to most servers on various ports on a /24 subnet.  I have been asked to allow an external company to 2 of our internal servers on file share ports (usual TCP/UDP 135-139, TC...

Gonzo1 by Beginner
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