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Resolved! Disabling Low Rates on a WLC

I was wondering if disabling low rates could cause issues for clients in higher density areas. For example, if I have 9 meg as the minimum allowed rate, what is actually taken under consideration for that rate? If I have a significant number of clien...

Location incorrect when using Wifi?

HelloWe have a client who is using a 4402 WLC on the latest firmware but all their devices seem to be showing as Abu Dhabi in terms of thier location, its fine when they are connected to the LAN.The timezone did say Abu Dhabi so this has be...

Resolved! WLC MAC as calling station ID with ACS 5.2

Hi,i know how to peer WLC and ACS for RADIUS using ip addresses. But how i can configure to register WLC in ACS by WLC mac address (and not using the IP). I can see an option in the WLC (Security/Radius/Authenticatoin and there is an option for "Call...

Weird display of AVC charts in WLC7.4

If I choose to look at the AVC statistics for a specific client in the MONITOR menu of the WLC-GUI I get the pie charts displayed 3 times and always different information in it. But the headings read everytime 'last 90 second interval'. So I don't kn...

f-riner by Beginner
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Resolved! how to configure HA with WLC 5760

I want to know how to configure HA with WLC 5760.The documentation is not very clear :The "WLC-5760-config-guide" says:“Before you enable HA (AP SSO), ensure that both controllers are physically connected through the redundantport using an Ethernet c...

mmisonne by Explorer
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Ask the Expert: Wireless LAN Security

With Jeal JimenezWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation.  This  is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about about how to implement, configure, and troubleshoot WLAN security with expert Jeal Jimenez.  Our expert wi...

Resolved! Radius errors after changing servers

Hi,I'm still trying to get access so I cannot relate the exact error message, but after changing a 5508 to use a Server 2012 Radius server (from Server 2008), the 5508 is showing error messages about it cannot contact the Radius server even though it...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Central Auth and EAP-TLS

A strange problem here.We have EAP-TLS configured on our Windows 2008 R2 NPS server. We have a 3602i in Flexconnect mode. When we set the WLAN to central auth this does not work but rather PEAP-MSCHAPv2 works?When we switch the WLAN to local auth the...

Resolved! NTP settings on AP 1142N

Hi.I have a problem with my AP,s , they have the wrong clock time. My controller (WISM2) have the NTP server set and is works fine. But all the AP (1142N) associated to the controller is not using this NTP server settings, and the clock is running 2 ...

Ethernet Encapsulation Transform

Hi,                   where on the GUI of a AIR-CT5508-K9 with can I configure the method of Ethernet Encapsulation Transform ?Choose 802.1H or RFC1042 to set Ethernet encapsulation type. Data packets that are not 802.2 packets must be form...

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